Celebrating Moms with a Mom’s Week Event with Giveaways & Samples #MomsWeek

Disclosure: I received several promotional items and compensation as an official Mom’s Week Event blogger. All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours. I will only endorse companies, products and services that I believe, based on my own experiences, are worthy of endorsement.

Mom's Week Header ImgI am thrilled to be an official Mom’s Week blogger. The start of Mom’s Week is even more special for me because today his my mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom’s Week is a week long event where I, and four of my fellow bloggers, will bring you incredible Sampler events and Flash Giveaways for some great products just for moms! Products to pamper mom and make her life easier, because we want to celebrate all moms and all they do.


Mom'sWeek_Attending_BlogByDonnaMom’s Week starts today with an RSVP to Win contest….

This contest will be hosted on the Sampler page starting today, April 29th and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON IT! So I encourage you to RSVP… you will be glad you did! You have a chance of winning an incredible gift basket just for RSVPing!

What’s in this gift basket you ask? Well, let me tell you….

  • One (1) New England Natural Bakers Organic High Protein Blueberry Harvest Granola
  • One (1) New England natural Bakers Organic Gluten Free Unsweetened Berry coconut Granola
  • One (1) New England Natural Bakers Organic Cranberry Almond Granola Clusters
  • One (1) SoapBox Hope To Go Travel Kit
  • One (1) Healthy Origins EpiCor Veggie Caps
  • One (1) ProActive EpiCor Soft Chews
  • One (1) box of Renew Allianc Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula (8 bottles)
  • One (1) box of Renew Alliance Taut Collagen Face Masks (5)
  • One (1) box of Taut Essence (Serum + Powder Mix)
  • One (1) box of Genesis Today Detox Greens sachets
  • One (1) box of Genesis Today Beauty Greens sachets
  • One (1) box of Genesis Today Defense Greens sachets
  • Two (2) basq skin care Illipe Body Butters
  • One (1) pack of 4 Skoy Cloths
  • One (1) pack of 2 Skoy Scrubs
  • One (1) Skoy Magnetic Sink Rail
  • One (1) Grab Green Everyday Essentials Bundle
  • One (1) Charlie’s Soap Laundry Powder
  • One (1) EZ Melts Biotin (90 tablets)
  • One (1) Kiss My Face 2n1 Olive & Aloe Light Moisturizing Spray
  • One (1) Kiss My Face 2n1 Coconut Light Moisturizing Spray
  • One (1) Kiss My Face 2n1 Lavender Shea Light Moisturizing Spray
  • One (1) Montagnue Jeunesse Goodie Bag
  • One (1) LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls Deluxe Starter 3-Pack


By RSVPing you will get access to the official Mom’s Week calendar where special links to each giveaway and sampling event will be behind each logo on the calendar. This is very important considering it will show you when all the events are taking place. You only RSVP once, and you can do so on a tab installed on the Sampler Facebook Page.

Note: You can only RSVP once.

The Wish for It/Coming Soon phase

After “RSVP-ing” you will receive exclusive access to the calendar and will have a chance to go and “Wish For” the product samples you would like to receive. Be sure to go wish for some offers.

Personally, I’d want to receive/ “Wish For” – Kiss My Face, Grab Green, and Basq. Oh, and Skoy Cloths (okay, I want everything).

Mom’s Week gives you the chance to send the moms in your life products and gift cards from the best brands. And if you want to receive one for yourself, you can share the promotion so all your friends know.

Mom'sWeek_QT_Buddy Up 1Sampling Events

During the week of Monday May 4th Friday May 8th you’ll be able to send a product sample to your mom or friend. REMEMBER: Sampler only allows you to send product samples to friends. I’ll be sending my mom (who is a friend of mine of Facebook) samples. If you can’t send samples to your mom, for whatever reason, find a fellow mom to buddy up with. This is a list of the brands you can send samples from:

  • Grab Green
  • Montagne Jeunesse
  • New England Natural Bakers
  • Soapbox
  • EpiCor
  • Renew Alliance
  • Genesis Today
  • EZ Melts
  • Basq
  • Skoy
  • Charlie’s Soap
  • Kiss My Face

Here’s some more info about the products:

Skoy logo 1Skoy Cloth

Skoy provide products for the kitchen that last a long time, saves both money and the environment. They also bring fun into cleaning with cool and unique designs!

Skoy Cloth Collage

I love using my Skoy Cloths. They’re so absorbent, and I am thrilled to not have to throw away money on paper towels. I put them in my dishwasher every time I run it to clean them and they’re ready to use the next time I need it.

Grab Green logo 1Grab Green

Grab Green carries a line of detergents that are not only safe, but effective. The first in the industry to list every ingredient on the label, Grab Green offers toxin-free formulas that get the job done.

Grab Green Products

I’ve been using the 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent pods and I’m impressed with how clean our laundry is, but that there are no harmful chemicals and toxins being added to our clothes that could further irritate my contact dermatitis.

The Grab Green Dishwasher Detergent pods are my favorite, though. My dishes come out sparkling clean and the kitchen smells like tangerine with lemongrass.

Montage Jeunesse logo 1Montagne Jeunesse

Montagne Jeunesse has been around for 30 years and have always been eco-minded using vegetarian, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients. I love their Treat for Feet and face masks.

PrintNew England Natural Bakers

New England Natural Bakers make healthy and delicious granola snacks that are all-natural and organic, in New England.

New England Naturals Collage

My husband and I love granola, and take it on hikes with us often. We add it to yogurt all the time, too. My favorite is the Cranberry and Almond Granola. You can taste the all-natural goodness in every bite.

Soapbox logo 1Soapbox

Soapbox I’m excited about using Soapbox Acai Berry Oil Shampoo. My hair is dry and can use the extra moisture.

SoapBox 1

My favorite thing about Soapbox Acai Berry Oil Shampoo is that it is sulfate and parben-free. It’s truly good for you hair. It smells great, too. Their slogan says it all… “good. clean. hope.” When you purchase a soap, you donate one month of clean water.

EpiCor logo 1EpiCor

EpiCor is an immunity boost. Something a busy mom like me needs. I’m so busy that I don’t always take care of myself like I should, so I could use Fermented foods are beneficial to our health.

EpiCor 2

I need to build up my immune strength. I want to live a quality of life, a healthy life, a long life. A prebiotic can help me achieve a stronger immune system.

“Dried fermentate is a specialty ingredient made with natural baker’s yeast by a proprietary process that is a trade secret. In fact, EpiCor is the first and most clinically studied dried fermentate made in the world. That’s what makes it unique and groundbreaking.”

Genesis Today logo 1

Genesis Today

Genesis Today carries a large line of supplements that meet many different needs. From beauty to detoxification, to digestion and rest and relaxation. They specialize in super foods and get them from the source. Whether it’s India, Asia, or any number of exotic locations.


Renew Alliance 1Renew Alliance

Renew Alliance looks to work on the root of the problem not the symptoms. “Taut is more than just collagen in a bottle.  The master formulators of Taut carefully designed and blended a rich mix of anti-aging ingredients that work synergistically to hydrate and nourish the skin with age-defying, skin-rejuvenating properties. ”

Lac Taut Collagen

Our bodies lose collagen as we age, sad but true. Renew Alliance is a liquid that is ingested, so it acts faster to repair skin damage, working from the inside out. I’m looking forward to taking Lac Taut at night and seeing the results.

EZ Melts Logo 1EZ Melts

EZ Melts are  fast-acting dietary supplements that you can take anywhere since they dissolve in your mouth without needing water. No more chalky tasting supplements or swallowing large pills.

BASQ logo 1Basq

Basq products are manufactured in the U.S. All basq products are Clinically Tested to be allergy, irritant and sensitivity free. And we never tested on animals!

basq 2

The Basq Illipe Body Butter is a rich creamy moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated.

Kiss My Face logo 1Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face is a company dedicated to respecting our earth. They have a large line of skin care products and right now, I’m craxy about the  2n1 Lavender Shea Light Moisturizing Air Powered Spray.

Kiss My Face

I like a spray, it’s not as messy and provides a lightweight feel. I love the light scent of lavender, especially when I use it right before I go to bed… it helps me to relax.

Charlie's Soap logo 1Charlie’s Soap

Charlie’s Soap’s are made up of raw materials that can be separated into two categories, biodegradable ingredients and natural mineral ingredients.

Charlie's Soap

They were also rated safe to use around lakes and streams. I need my laundry detergents to clean our clothes, but I also want a detergent that is gentle and non-toxic. Charlie’s Soap fits the bill.

I love all of these brands for providing quality products that are environmentally safe and toxin-free, so I can feel good about using them in my home and around my son.

About Sampler

Sampler partners with your favorite brands and gives you the chance to send product samples or gift cards to friends via Facebook.

Flash Giveaways

Also during the week of May 4th — May 8th there will be a flash giveaway each day. I’m not going to divulge what the prizes will be (and it’s really hard to keep it a secret because the prizes are AWEsome) because I want to keep them a surprise. My flash giveaway will be on May 7th and I’ll share more about it soon!

My fellow Mom’s Week Event bloggers will also have a flash giveaway the other four days are, so stay tuned!

To sum it up…

RSVP to win – HERE

  • You register
  • You’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize gift basket
  • Gain access to the full calendar of Sampling and Flash Giveaway Events.
  • The calendar will give you direct links to the events.

I’m really excited about Mom’s Week and sharing samples with my own mom. And super excited to see our fans winning some incredible prizes during the event! You can follow along with us on social media using the #MomsWeek hashtag.


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