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I'm a big tea drinker, and an even bigger coffee drinker. And my hubby and son are more juice drinkers. So while I was adding cinnamon to my coffee this morning, I thought I'd share some of my beverage related tips I've found helpful and hope you do, too.

You won't need to add sugar to your tea if you drink jasmine tea or any of the lighter-bodied varieties, which have their own natural sweetness.  This will help you cut down on calories.

For tea flavoring, dissolve old-fashioned lemon drops or hard mint candy in your tea. They melt quickly and keep the tea brisk.

Make your own spiced tea or cider. Place orange peels, whole cloves, and cinnamon sticks in a 6-inch square piece of cheesecloth. Gather the corners and tie with a string. Steep in hot cider or tea for 10 minutes or longer if you want a stronger flavor.

Fill ice trays with real fruit juice to add to your glass of fruit juice. It not only keeps your juice cold but keeps it from being diluted.

On the other hand, dilute juice with 1 part water. This will save on calories, and give you a refreshing flavored water.

Place fresh or dried mint in the bottom of a cup of hot chocolate for a cool and refreshing taste.

Add a teaspoon or so of cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing to get a nice cinnamon flavored coffee. Or, use a cinnamon stick in your coffee.

Make your own homemade simple syrup to make the best cold beverages. Here's a great recipe and tips for an easy simple syrup.



  1. I need to try diluting..great idea to keep flavor while cutting back.

  2. It looks good, but I’m not a tea drinker.

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