Letters to Our Sons – July 2013

Dear Cody,

I have enjoyed this past month so much. You have been out of school for a little over a month now, and we have been having so much fun!

Let’s see… we joined a local community school with some of our friends, and you are learning how to swim. You love the pool. You didn’t want your head under the water at first and now you’re doing flips and handstands in the water.

We went on a “safari” at the Circle G Ranch Safari and had loads of fun. Well, with the exception of the cow that had its entire head stuck inside our vehicle eating the food from my lap and scaring the life out of your Mommy. It’s alright that you and Daddy laughed at me. I can laugh about it, too, now. Besides, I’m sure I will get you guys back. Bwahaha. And you fell in love with two alpacas and named them Mark and Felicia.

You finished filming as an extra in “Bandit and the Saints of Dogwood” an independent film that was filmed locally. It was a great experience.

We already went on vacation. We went to North Myrtle Beach and you had a blast. It was a very relaxing vacation, too. We were able to spend an entire 7 days, so we got to spend a couple of days just relaxing. It was nice to have some down time.

You and I went in to visit Nanny and Poppy for three days and just got back this week. It was one of the best visits, ever. You had such a great time with them, and Poppy took you swimming every day. You also got to meet Fruit Loop their Sun Conjure. He talks. A lot. 🙂

When we stopped to get gas about 10 miles from their house, I looked back and you were crying. I asked you what was wrong and you said, “I miss Nanny and Poppy.” It warmed and broke my heart at the same time.

I know you love them so much and miss them a lot. Maybe after 5th grade and we start homeschooling, we can go visit them more ofen.

Today you picked out a monologue to memorize for an upcoming audition for Tom Sawyer. I’ll be able to tell you in next month’s letter if ou got a part or not. I know you really want this one… but as you know, you don’t always get a role. There’s a lot more goes into getting a part than if you are a good actor. Break a leg at your audition next Tuesday.

It’s hard to believe it’s July and you have less than 6 weeks until school starts back. I do hope it clears up and is a dryer July than it was in June. And July is starting off rainy.

I am amazed at how much you have matured over the last month or so. You have been helping your Dad work outside, and finding ways to earn money. You are becoming quite the entrepreneur. In fact, you plan on having a lemonade stand before July is over with to raise money for Knoxville Children’s Theatre. What a generous and giving heart you have, my sweet boy.

I’ve written this letter several days ago, but as I was choosing and editing photos to add to this letter, I wanted to say that today is July 4th. We had originally planned a lot of outdoor things to do today, but the weather has not cooperated this week. So we are getting ready to take you to see ‘Despicable Me 2’ and go out and eat (yet to be determined, but probably somewhere with good steak). Happy July 4th my handsome guy!

I am so proud of you Cody. I look forward to spending the rest of the summer having fun with you!

Always and Forever…



Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circe G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

Circle G Ranch Safari

North Myrtle Beach Ocean Creek

North Myrtle Beach 2013 FishBoy 1

Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody in Ocean 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody and me at Fatz 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Greg & Cody 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody in too small ride 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody in 2nd Pool 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Me & Cody on Balcony 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody on Beach 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Mommy Daddy Hawaiian Humor 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Me & Cody Hawaiin Humor 2

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody in Old Navy 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Me at Dick's 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody at Dick's 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Me and Cody at Broadway on the Beach 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody in Mirror Maze 1

Cody Me Froggie MB 2013

North Myrtle Beach 2013 One of the Blues Bros 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Blue Croc Shoes 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Wicked Witch 1

North Myrtle Beach 2013 Cody Peter Pan 1

These monthly letters to our sons and photographs are a part of a circle. We will be publishing our letters on the first Fridays of every month. So please follow and check out the circle continuing with my fellow blogger Ashley, at Embracing Beauty.


  1. Looks like y’all had a blast. Love all the pics.

  2. Looks and sounds like you have been having quite a summer – great pics!

  3. I love, love, love the happy, fun pics of your gorgeous family! LOL at the cow!
    Glad you are all enjoying summer!

  4. oh my gosh, look at the face (the first picture) I literally laughed out loud when I saw it! Too cute!

  5. OMG only 6 weeks left of break? That’s crazy! It sounds, and looks, like you guys had an amazing June! I love all the pictures. You can truly see the fun. 🙂

  6. This is something your son will treasure forever! I love all the super fun pics!

    1. Author

      I was shopping and my husband took the pic of my son at Old Navy and I didn’t know until we got home from vacation and was going through the pics. 🙂 As for the cow story, you might as well laugh, everyone else has. 😉 lol.

  7. What a wonderful letter and a great collection of photos! It seems as if you have quite the little actor on your hands.

  8. It sounds like you are having an amazing summer. It’s a beautiful letter.

  9. I love that you write letters to your son. So heart warming.

    It sounds…and looks like you guys are having an amazing summer.

  10. Your pool adventures give me hope. My daughter is seven and doesn’t want her head under the water. We are actually starting swimming lessons tomorrow morning. I”m hoping she will learn the few extra things she needs as she really does love the water.

  11. Love the pics! Pretty soon I’ll be able to join in on these letters once my lil guy arrives.

  12. Oh it looks like you had such a fun month! I think every family must have a picture with the “old navy” folks LOL! And those napkin hats (those are napkins right?) are ridiculously funny 🙂

  13. Such amazing memories and what a beautiful letter!

  14. I got to be an extra in a film once it was a lot of fun.

  15. I live right outside of Charlotte and just love Myrtle Beach for family vacations. I think it is just wonderful that you are writing these letters ~ I do so wish I had done more of these. The older my son got it seemed the fewer and far between they became. Don’t let that happen. 🙂

    1. Author

      We love Myrtle, especially North Myrtle Beach for families. 🙂 I wish I had started earlier, but I will be working hard at keeping these letters up each month. I think one day my son will really appreciate them. 🙂

  16. What great photos! Looks like your having a great time. Cody may never want to go back to school.

  17. I am giggling at the cow coming through your window. Great photos and a beautiful letter.

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