Ladies of the House – A Hallmark Channel Original Movie

Tonight October 18, 2008, the Hallmark channel premieres its original movie Ladies of the HouseLadies of the House stars, Pam Grier as Birdie, Donna Mills as Elizabeth, Florence Henderson as Rose and Lance Henriksen as Frank.

Grier's most notable roles are that of the title character in Jackie Brown and in Foxy Brown.  Henderson will always be remembered as Mrs. Brady from the Brady Bunch.  Mills is the infamous Abby Cunningham from Knots Landing, one of my all-time favorite prime time serials ever.  And Henriksen has had an illustrious career as well but my favorite was his role in Millennium that was on Fox for three seasons.

What Hallmark channel says about Ladies of the House,

With their church in dire need of funds in order to maintain its daycare center, the local pastor turns to three parishioners for help: Rose (Henderson), whose beloved husband, Frank (Henriksen) is hiding a serious medical condition; well-to-do Elizabeth (Mills), the haughty wife of an inattentive plastic surgeon (Thomson); and Birdie (Grier), who is trying to adapt to life now that her husband, Stan (Roundtree) a new retiree, is using his free time to be a general nuisance around the house.

It seems like it will be a good way to spend a Saturday night.  The great thing about the Hallmark Channel is if you miss it, they'll air it again.

Go to to see videos, photos, show times and more.  Be sure to tune in tonight to the Hallmark channel at 9:00 p.m. EST. and watch Ladies of the House.