Label Makers – A Cool Tool for Overwhelmed Moms

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Moms can make clutter and mayhem a thing of the past with a label maker. These handy items can bring organization to your life by labeling storage boxes, clothes, addresses boxes and much more. Today’s label makers come in various sizes, prints and styles to make your living space a brighter and happier environment.

Storage Containers

Label Makers are inexpensive and can be utilized for any room in your home. These handy labels can take storage unit containers to the next level. If you have a tub filled with computer cables, you can use the label makers to mark the various items and identify which cable is the keyboard, mouse and other important components. Never again will you have to sort through boxes of unknown wires and cables when you have it thoroughly marked and labeled.

Children’s Toy Room

Children can even get in on the action and help mom by making life easier for all. Label Makers are easy to operate, and they can have fun thinking of ways to design the various shelves in their play room and creating the labels that go with them. Choose a color for each individual child, so you can keep track of the toys, photos and school records.

Home Office

If you work from home, you can declutter your home office and keep your files clear and organized. It’s also a great way to label your file folders, file cabinets, quarterly payroll taxes and tax returns. You can also keep your desk drawer neat and label the compartments for pens, paper, pencils, paper clips and staples.

Crafts and Scrapbooking

Label Makers make it easy for you to find things and moms can put together a neat craft and scrapbooking room. Place certain colored spools of threads together along with your needles and pins. If you have an assortment of fabrics, keep them separated and coded appropriately with your label maker. When it’s time to work on your next craft project, you have your pipe cleaners, glitter, stickers and glue sticks at the ready and labeled accordingly. Never again will you have to search through endless piles of scrapbooking supplies.

Garage Sale

Having a garage sale can give you extra cash on hand. With the help of a label maker, you can place the appropriate price tags and labels on the items for sale. Not only is this a great way to run a neat and efficient sale, you’ll have everything labeled to avoid confusion when totaling the prices.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can often be unorganized and messy. You can get things under control by beginning with the spice rack. Place things in alphabetical order and label the rows appropriately. For those that freeze large containers of food ahead of time, you can use your label maker to identify food to avoid mystery meal night. When you’re looking for frozen chicken broth or beef stew, you’ll be able to find it with ease.

Your home says a lot about your personality and style and a label maker can bring order to your life in a variety of ways. With the latest designs, you can even bring fun and creativity to your label making project.

Author Jennifer Billings is a busy mom and blogger, and constantly looking for ways to make her life more manageable. At you can find affordable labeling guns to print labels for all these uses and many more.


  1. I like these lable tools its so cool to keep home and other things organized.

  2. I am working really hard to get our home in order.

  3. These labels do work! When my Dad was alive, he was the ultimate “everything has it’s place” guy! He would label anything to make sure of his mantra. It works great with kids too!

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