Kmart Layaway Program Helps you Win in More Ways Than One

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My son has really never made Christmas lists. Never written letters to Santa asking for tons of holiday gifts. He has been easy and simple when it comes to holiday shopping.

So what has possessed my son?

Two weeks ago he brings me a sheet of paper with a few items written on it, and says, “Here’s my Christmas wish list.” Uh? It’s barely September, and he has a “list” already!

Oh, this isn’t all for Christmas, he informs me. His birthday is November 25th, so some of the items on his wish list could be for his birthday. Well, how sweet of him? So from his reasoning, the list isn’t long, since it covers both his birthday and Christmas. Ha ha.

In all fairness, most things on the list aren’t big items. Except one… NintendoWiiU KmartSSPost He wants the new Wii U Gaming System. It’s not available until November 18, 2012, but I can pre-order it, and I don’t necessarily need all the cash on pre-order day to pay for it.

I can use Kmart’s free layaway service, and reserve it, and still have it in time for Christmas! I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of layaway programs. They usually charged huge service fees, and were more of a hassle than they were worth to me. Kmart’s layaway program is different.

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And when you use their layaway service, you can also be entered in the Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway!

Kmart is generously selecting one layaway from each store, every week from now through 11/17, where they will pay off the remaining balance of that lucky winner’s layaway! How nice it would be to have your Christmas layaway paid off. I know I’d love it! I’d also be equally as happy to hear one of YOU, my Blog by Donna readers, was a winner and got your layaway balance paid off!

So for the first time in years… okay, maybe ever, I’m trying to get an early start on my Christmas shopping, thanks to Kmart’s easy free layaway program. How are you preparing for your holiday shopping this year?

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  1. I’ve never used Layaway before. But I’ve never really thought about the benefits either.

  2. I thas been a while since I have used Kmart layaway. I think I will be using it this year. I like that it is free…makes my decision easier. 🙂

  3. Never tried layaway but it sounds like a useful tool.

  4. Love layaway because it gives you a chance to shop for sales but not miss out on the gift you definitely want.

  5. we dont have a kmart here 🙁

  6. Oh, online layaway? That’s pretty rockin.

  7. I haven’t been to Kmart in years and had no idea they had a layaway program. That’ll be useful with the upcoming holiday season.

  8. I have never used Layaway but I know my mom did when I was young and it was very helpful for her.

  9. i used Layaway several times – just hate that they don’t allow Clearance stuff.
    last year, there was a “secret Santa” type person paying off random people’s layaways in the Quad Cities (IA/IL) and a lot of people thought it was just a gimmick to get people to shop at KMart – but I’m a KMart shopped anyway, because I despise Walmart 🙂

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