Keith Urban’s New Song Female Celebrates Women

trackrun celebrates women

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I love when a book, movie, or a song celebrates women. It is especially nice when a man celebrates women. When books, movies, and songs empower women, it may give a woman or a girl a voice they might not otherwise have.

Keith Urban's new song, Female, celebrates women

Speaking of songs, I’m loving Keith Urban’s new song, Female.

I’m a long-time fan of Keith Urban (love his wife, too). Keith Urban is a beautiful storyteller, and his music speaks to people. Although more reason I love his new song, Female.

Keith Urban's new song, Female, celebrates women.

The climate in today’s society towards women is not an altogether safe one. You hear in the news, almost daily, of some celebrity or man of power who has sexually harassed a female. Women need to be lifted up, supported, and treated fairly. I admire Keith Urban for publically celebrating women.

If I didn’t already love him, I definitely would now!

Keith Urban's new song, Female, celebrates women and girls...

I admire the fact that Keith Urban respects women and celebrates women. He is married to a very strong woman and he isn’t intimidated by that. He actually celebrates it.

Keith Urban's new song Female, celebrates women like my mom

My husband celebrates me the same way. And my dad does the same for my mom. I had that example growing up. I saw how a man really should treat a woman. My mom is one of the strongest women I know. And thank you, Keith Urban, for celebrating women like me and my mom.

As a mom to a boy, I’ve taught him that women are his equal. To always treat women fairly and respectfully… just as I’ve taught him to treat ALL human beings the way he wants to be treated.

My hope is that every woman would have men in their lives to support and celebrate them.

Download the song HERE to hear how Keith Urban celebrates women with his new song, Female.