It’s Not Easy Being a Dad, Show Him You Appreciate Him #spon #WorldsToughestJob

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Greg and Cody 1My son has been blessed with great male role models in his life. From uncles to grandparents to the most amazing dad, I feel good knowing he is surrounded by so much goodness… so much love.

Men who give fatherhood a good name. Men who teach my son by example.

My husband is the most hands-on dad I know. He spends a great deal of time every day with our son. They have “guy” time almost every day. And my son LOVES it! If I weren’t such a confident woman, I’d be jealous of their relationship.

Confession — I do sometimes feel a wee bit jealous of their relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I am far more proud of their relationship. It’s a thing of beauty and it feels my heart with joy to see the bond they share.

I can remember how nervous my husband was at becoming a father. How he worried he wouldn’t know what to do… how to do it, when to do it.

Although it isn’t an easy job (as we moms know) being a good dad, he stepped up and does it like a pro.

Our children don’t come with manuals or scripts to tell us what to say, unfortunately.

The CardStore knows that fatherhood is ‘unscripted’. Check out this video:

My son wanted me to help him make a card for my husband from the CardStore for Father’s Day, and we had fun picking out and personalizing the card.

It’s so easy to make a personalized card, even a child could do it. At least until you get to the checkout part. Here, let me show you:

CardStore Father's Day cards #WorldsToughestJobFirst go to and if you’ve bought from them before, sign in like I did. My son and I knew we wanted a photo card and clicked on “Shop Father’s Day Photo Cards” of which there were 159 cards to choose from. Browse through them and select the card you want by clicking on “make your card”. My son chose the Dad My Hero card. Because, well, his Dad is his hero.

CardStore Father's Day Cards #WorldsToughestJobYou will see the front of the card that you chose and prompted to personalize it by adding your own photo.

CardStore Father's Day Cards 4You can add a photo from your PC, Facebook, dropbox, Instagram, or flickr (plus more).

CardStore Father's Day Cards 5

Father and Son

I already had a couple photos added from previous cards I’ve made, but my son liked one of him and his dad from a hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains. I just clicked on the photo I wanted for the card…

CardStore Father's Day Cards 6… and like magic, it was there.

CardStore Father's Day Cards 7I adjusted and zoomed in so it fit the card better. You will also have the option to make your photo/card black and white. Since the particular photo we chose was in sepia, we kept it that way.

CardStore Father's Day Cards 9After we were happy with the front, we clicked on “inside” and began to personalize what my son wanted the card to say. You can change the font style, size, and color.

CardStore Father's Day Cards 10You have the option to personalize it even more. My son gave it an even more personal touch.

CardStore Father's Day Cards 11Finally you can add your signature.

CardStore Father's Day Cards 12When you’re satisfied with the inside, you can click on “back” to see the back of your card. Some cards will have a place for you to add a photo and/or text on the back. The card we chose did not. So we were ready to preview our card and mail it….

CardStore Father's Day Cards 14… wait, not so fast. When my son previewed the inside, he really wasn’t happy with it. He wanted to change the font of one of the personalized message sections. It’s good you get to preview it before saving or sending it. My son helped me make this card Sunday morning before we took him to summer camp.

I saved it, so I could get back to finalizing it yesterday.

CardStore Father's Day Cards 15I chose to ship it to me, since my husband lives here, and my son wanted to write “Dad” on the envelope himself and hand deliver it to my husband on Father’s Day. But if you are making a card for your father, brother, uncle, etc., you can have them mail the card to your recipient (cost of postage applies).

CardStore Father's Day Cards 16If you haven’t signed in you will be prompted to do so or to set up an account (which is super easy). Then you will checkout like you would any online shopping. The cardstore made personalizing a Father’s Day card a breeze!

CardStore Father's Day Cards 18We should get the personalized Father’s Day card no later than 6/9.

I think my husband is going to love it and feel very touched by it.

Valid until June 9, use the code CCG4527 for a Father’s Day card at the discount rate of $2.49.


  1. How cool are these cards, they are perfect for Father’s Day!

  2. How cool are these cards, they are perfect for Father’s Day!

  3. I agree its tough, just being a parent is, and there sure isn’t enough appreciation! My husband loves cards from the kids.

  4. It’s perfect when you can customize it just so like that. How sweet that they’re so close!

  5. I’m often jealous of my husband’s relationship with our oldest. I feel like I’m not as close to my son as he is. My husband is a great father, too.

  6. These are great. I will definitely have to pick out the CardStore.

  7. I made a personalized birthday card for my Dad one year, and he loved it. He kept showing it off to everybody – I should get to making him one of Father’s Day this year too!

  8. That is wonderful! I’ll definitely have to order from them sometime.

  9. I never purchased a personalized card for my husband before, I bet he’d love something like this.

  10. Aww, how sweet that he wanted to make a special card for him. It’s so rare to have that kind of bond with a father and son – what a treasured relationship.

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