Integrate Photographic Art In Your Home Decor With These 5 Tricks!

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Even though most of us love to conserve the precious moments of life with photos, the truth is that we often feel hanging these pictures on the walls within a simple frame is just not going to cut it. More often than not they don’t match our modern furniture and the décor we strive so hard to achieve over the years.

In fact, for some people the real reason as to why they don’t hang personal photos on the wall is that they find the whole idea distasteful. Luckily, there are a number of methods to integrate pictures – personal or not – while still keeping the room’s design sophisticated, refined and complementary. Let’s find out the best ideas of including pictures and photos in a contemporary interior.

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Put your best vacation pictures to good use

If you love traveling and you usually have a huge stack of photos from each place you have ever visited, then a good idea would be to arrange them according to the seasons so you can create some sort of a decoupage. For instance, you can bring together all the photos you took during the summer vacation and arrange them in a summer-inspired frame.

An alternative would be to assemble a collage with photos you took all year round. However, for the latter idea I suggest displaying the pictures over a seasonal colored canvas, such as light blue for winter, orange or brown for fall, pink for spring and solid red for summer in order to get a full effect.

In the eventuality that you can find a picture for every month of the year, then you could create a very original watch to hang on the wall. If I think about it, the combination of the photos and the clock could work with just four season pictures just as well, especially if you prefer a modern and minimalistic style.

Create a timeline in the kids room

As a new parent, you are surely very excited about your baby and most likely have quite a collection of snapshots of your little one from the first days when he/she was born. And, since I’m convinced you want to show those photos to the entire world, then a good solution would be to integrate them in your toddler’s room décor. The simplest way to do so would be to hang the photos with pins/magnets on the wall, preferably sufficiently high so that your child doesn’t reach them, but low enough to be visible.

Essentially, you have the possibility to create a timeline of your child’s life from the first day of his/her life to present date. And the collection can grow each day! As a side note, I want to emphasize on the importance of choosing a background that can enhance the impact of your photo arrangement.

Display them within strong colored canvases

If you always wanted to get a bunch of small colorful pillows for the couch in the living room, but didn’t because somehow they didn’t blend in with the rest of the furniture and colors of the environment, then here is a nice idea for you. Place the photos on a colorful canvas that matches the shade of the pillows and display them in the wall across from the sofa. This way you will balance the colors and get an elegant and playful result at the same time.

Jars constitute an ingenious means of displaying photos

Do you remember those old jars you stored a few years ago in the kitchen cupboard? Well, it’s time to put them to good use and integrate them into a contemporary and elegant accessory to match your modern home décor style. All it requires is placing one picture in the jar, putting in some vegetable oil for a striking effect and voila: you’ve got yourself an exquisite and original picture frame that everyone will envy.

Bring the modern and vintage styles together with a photo wheel

Are you searching for a piece of art that can serve the role of the ideal focal point to bind the vintage and modern styles in your home together? Then how about creating a photo wheel? As the name suggests, this idea implies taking a plain wheel that you accessories with pictures. However, since you are trying to combine the concepts of old and new, it would be a good idea to opt for a metal wheel and display black and white photos in an arrangement of your choosing.

Chad Faith, the author, enjoys blogging about the latest home décor trends as well as the innovative ways you can enhance the aesthetic appeals via products from Avetex Furniture.


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