I Have My Music Everywhere I Go With Insignia Bluetooth Speakers From Best Buy #Insignia

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Bluetooth Speaker Pool

There are certain things I do daily that I have to have music for, or sure couldn’t imagine doing without. Of course driving is one and obviously dancing, although I can dance to the music in my head, if need be. Seriously, though, music is a huge part of my day to day life.

I love having music on while I’m in the shower, it makes the concerts I have while showering much better, and I cannot put my makeup on without music. I’ve been carrying my iPhone or iPad around with me listening to Apple Music.

The sound quality wasn’t optimal though. Music is clearer now because…

I recently received a couple of Insignia Speakers from Best Buy, an Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker and an Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker.

Insignia Bluetooth Speaker Collage

Plug In Bluetooth Speaker Back viewI love using the plug in speaker in my bathroom so I can have good-quality sound for the music I enjoy listening to while I’m getting ready. Remember how I said I love having concerts in the shower? Yeah, well, let me tell you it is a performance now. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

The perfect Bluetooth speaker for the pool.
The perfect Bluetooth speaker for the pool.

And the portable speaker is perfect for on-the-go… like going to the pool, hiking, or on a picnic. It’s also an excellent hands-free, Bluetooth speaker phone.

The portable Bluetooth speaker is going to be great for our next vacation on the beach not having to worry about it get splashed on and ruined with it’s splash-proof design.

Insignia portable bluetooth speakers from Best BuyYou can hook it onto so many things making it ideal for just about any on-the-go event.

See how versatile, functional,  and cute (it really is) the Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Best Buy is.

The Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker is excellent for moving from room to room, all you need is an outlet. It doesn’t take up space and no wires to contend with. Just audio stream you favorite music no matter what room you’re in. The built-in power adapter allows it to continue to charge while it’s plugged in. The built-in rechargeable battery enables over 2 hours of playback when taking your speaker on the go, too.

Learn more about the Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker from Best Buy and see why I’m loving it so much!

Insignia Bluetooth Speakers From Best Buy would make a great gift for any music lover in your life.

FYI: Now through September 5th you can get 30% off any Insignia Portable Bluetooth Speaker with this OFFER! It’s good in-store or online.



  1. The Insignia Bluetooth Speakers sound nice. I like that it has 2 hours of playback time. This would be nice for my RV.

  2. Those are cool. My speakers on my iphone have stopped working. This would make me very happy. Would be fun to play music again.

  3. I think the plug-in speaker is ingenius! I love this idea and the portable ones are uber adorable.

  4. this looks cool! i have heard good things about this!

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