Importance of Adolescent Well Visits and Vaccinations

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I can’t believe that my son is about to graduate high school. I can remember walking him into his Kindergarten class like it was yesterday.

adolescent well visits


Throughout all 18 years of his life, his health and well-being have been of utmost importance. We know being unhealthy leads to school absences, affecting grades, socialization, and all-around happiness.

So, yearly checkups or ‘well visits’ have always been important. In fact, I attribute so few ‘sick visits’ in his life to us keeping all his well visits. The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is so true. Prevention is important, and yearly checkups are the key.

Because of COVID, my son postponed his well visit by two months. He should have gone in December 2020 but ended up going to see his Doctor in February 2021.

The past year has been tough on everyone. Many parents missed taking their adolescents to well visits or vaccines.

Well visits and immunizations. Don't Wait. Vaccinate.

My son will be starting college this fall and needed the meningococcal vaccination before living in the dorms. But his well checkup was far more beneficial than just getting the vaccination he needed, though.

vaccinations before college

His Doctor was actually on vacation, so he saw a Nurse Practitioner, and she was amazing. My son always feels a little nervous about going to the doctor, and she made him feel at ease right off the bat. She took her time and not only talked to him but listened.

She was concerned as much about his mental well-being as she was about his physical well-being. Graduating high school and going off to college can be daunting, exciting… but daunting, so it made him feel good to have her talk about college with him.

Not to mention how COVID has affected our young adults (well, all children and adults) over the past year or so.

After a weigh-in, a little bloodwork, physical, talking to him, and getting up-to-date on vaccinations, he got a clean bill of health.

I feel good about him starting off college healthy. Although his going off to college is bittersweet for me, I am excited about his future.

I hope you will be scheduling your adolescent’s well visits now and make sure they are up-to-date on all their vaccinations because immunizations are necessary for many in-person events, like school and camps, etc., or in my son’s case, to be able to live in the dorms at college.

Don't wait, vaccinate

Adolescent children go through so many changes that it’s important to stay on top of yearly well visits. I know it’s one less thing I have to worry about now.

I was surprised to learn that parents were not taking their adolescent children to the doctor for routine immunizations and well visits. Unity™ Consortium is a non-profit organization that makes its mission to protect young adults against all vaccine-preventable diseases. It’s so important to stay on top of these time-sensitive checkups and immunizations during well visits.

If your adolescent is due a vaccination or a booster, now is the time to make an appointment to not only protect them but everyone they come into contact with.

I understand that many families felt uncomfortable taking their adolescent children to the doctor because of COVID, but I can assure you, the doctor’s offices are so clean. And doctors and nurses are taking great care to protect their patients. I know my son, and I felt very safe at his well visit.

Don't wait. Vaccinate.

I love that Unity is reminding us parents of the importance of immunizations. Visit their website to learn more: Don’t Wait. Vaccinate.