I’m The Best Me I Can Be, Thanks to my Husband

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The Best ‘Me’ I can Be

I’ve always been the type of person that gives 110%. It sometimes leaves me with no time for “me”, though. I know most moms can relate… spreading yourself too thin. Giving all of ourselves for our families and others.

Thankfully my husband goes out of his way to make sure I have “me” time. He realizes that I need to be healthy (mentally and physically) to be my best, so I will have my best to give. He encourages me to take better care of myself, as I do him. We do plan on growing old together and all.

I may be an older mom, but that doesn’t mean I have to act it. I love shooting hoops with my son or getting into impromptu water gun battles in our backyard. Our battles are serious, too. We take no prisoners.

I live an active lifestyle… not just physically, but active in my family, my community, and my son’s school. It’s a good feeling knowing I have my husband backing me up. Actually, my son does his part too.

He gives me moral support. Even after having our son and keeping on the baby weight, he never made me feel bad about my body.

Over the years since having my son, I have let the weight creep up on me. And even though my husband loves me just as much now as he did when we first met over 23 years ago, I know for my health, I need to do better.

Now we are a team. He gives me the support I need, in whatever form that may take, and he motivates me to lose weight. To become the best me I can be.

We all need a support system. Someone to have our backs. I have supportive family and friends. But I’m especially thankful for my biggest supporters — my husband and my mini-support, my son.

Because of their love, support, encouragement, and motivating me, I’m the best me I can be, thanks to my husband.


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