I’m Having a Big Honkin’ Summer with Target

My favorite season is Summer. It wasn’t always my favorite, but since my son has been in school, it is. Because the summer is when I have him here most every day. I know most parents can’t wait for school to start back, but it always makes me sad. I enjoy every day… every minute I spend with my son. This is where Target’s Big Honkin’ Summer comes in.

I always go to Target at the beginning of my son’s summer break to shop for new games or toys to help keep him entertained. And this summer, Target has helped to make our summer a big honkin’ summer!

How do you ask? Well let me tell ya… Target sent us a huge goodie box of stuff. By stuff, I mean, fun things to entertain any child outside or inside during the summer.

Target's Big Honkin' Summer
Target’s Big Honkin’ Summer Items

Here’s what we got:

  • Kid Made Modern Printed Tape Set – $6.99
  • Kid Made Modern Board Book Kit  – $14.99
  • Toy Golf Club with Ball Set – $2.99
  • Giant Badminton Set – $7.99
  • Lemonade Stand Banner – $2.00
  • Lemonade Stand Money Box – $3.00
  • Lemonade Stand Sign – $4.00
  • Lemonade Stand Juice Container – $6.00
  • Lemonade Stand Ice Bucket – $6.00

Be sure to check out Target’s kids catalog where you can find all of the products mentioned above and more for your summer fun.

Target's Big Badminton Set
Cody playing with Target’s Big Badminton Set

What fun can be had with these great items. My son (and by my son, I also mean my hubby and I, too) loves the Giant Badminton Set. It really is cool, especially since I am the undefeated champion at the moment. Hey, I’m competitive, what can I say?

Target's Golf Club and Golf Balls
Cody getting ready to tee off, with Target’s Golf Club and Golf Balls

My son likes the Golf Club and balls and thinks he’d like to try his hand at real golf, now.

Target's Board Book Kit
Cody making his board book with Target’s Kid Made Modern Board Book Kit

The Kid Made Modern Board Book Kit was a great project. Especially for my budding writer. He has already written a book that won an award in our state. This time he wanted to make a board book for two of his little cousins (one a girl and one a boy)… and I know they’re going to love them. Shhhh, it’s a surprise.

He’s already asked for the Comic Book Kit.

Target's Duct Tape Kit
Target’s Duct Tape Kit allows you to make a messenger bag & a wallet… plus whatever your imagine will allow.

We haven’t made the messenger and wallet yet with the Kid (and in my opinion, adult) Made Modern Printed Tape Set yet.  We’re waiting on a rainy day. This will be a great project to do when we can’t go outside. Once we do, I’ll update with a photo.

Target's Lemonade Stand items
Target’s Lemonade Stand items… my son can’t wait to see how much money he can make

Okay, I don’t have a photo of my son having his Lemonade Stand up yet, because I’m having a big yard sale the first of August, and I’m letting him set it up then. So I’ll update this post with pictures of it once we do it. But he is excited about making himself some money. Really, excited!

You can really have so much fun with the Big Honkin’ Summer items at Target. Target is definitely the destination for all the things you need to make your summer fun!

  • Whether you are traveling to the beach or just want to keep the kids busy, Target has all the summer essentials at great prices to make the most of the season.
  • This summer, Target is helping you make everyday moments more memorable.
  • In stores, you’ll find giant beach balls, sunglasses and sand buckets to direct you to the colorful summer merchandise.

Check out the “Summer-izer” Facebook app on Facebook.com/Target where you and your kids can add ‘Big Honkin’ Summer’ icons to photos and then share them online or print them out at your local Target Photo Center.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Target and received products to facilitate my review and thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. So fun! My boys would have a great time playing with this stuff!

  2. I totally want that lemonade stuff. Looks like fun is definitely being had 🙂

    1. @183f91301b9f6e3cab45d28d328ff745:disqus – it’s really cool, and I can’t wait till my son sets up his first lemonade stand. 🙂

  3. What a fun Summer break! Looks like your son is having a blast. One more reason to love Target!

    1. He really has enjoyed everything. Especially the giant badminton… and I’m getting more exercise playing with him. 🙂

  4. Very cool! We got that same pack and loved it too! My kids did GREAT with their lemonade stand! Made a ton of money! And my son liked the sports stuff as well. Great post! Love Target!

    1. I bet they did enjoy the lemonade stand, I know my son can’t wait. 🙂

  5. That’s super cool! Those are great ideas. 🙂

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