I’m adding an arbor for a more low-maintenance yard


Grass. For most typical homes, it is what constitutes the yard, for the most part. And while grass looks nice enough when maintained, and quite aromatic when freshly cut, there is a flaw to the design – it keeps growing. That means it needs to be constantly maintained.

So I have a plan to at least reduce my (okay, my husband's) grass maintenance needs. That plan is this — try to introduce as many non-grass things as I can into my yard. Just picture a nice remote patio area, with places to sit adorned by a selection from several nice wooden arbors. For every square inch of that patio, the grass maintenance requirements drop to zero. I really think I am on to something here.

Of course, standard arbors are not the only choice to dress up a non-grass area. You could use a fence to segment a bigger yard, and landscape several feet out from the fence with your favorite bushes and shrubs, along with lava rock hardscaping to keep that low-maintenance factor going. I love the look of arched new england arbors used as the passageway between yard segments, and it adds such a fantastic feel of whimsical.

Done right, my mission will not only cut down on our grass maintenance, but it will dress up our yard and make it a pleasure to be in. Who knows, if I keep this up my husband may trade in the riding lawnmower for a nice hot tub. And that would look great nestled in our grass-free back yard, surrounded by a wooden deck with a meandering rock path leading up to it. Yes, I'm making progress…


  1. @Lisa – I hear you. And, we couldn’t be completely grass free (we have almost 3 acres), but would love for a lot of the lawn close to our house to be grass free. 🙂

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