No Super Mom Here, But I am THAT Mom

I strive to be a good mom. I always thought I would be the kind of mom that doesn’t allow her child to watch too much TV. Or no TV at all. The mom that doesn’t let her child play too many video games, or none at all. The mom that feeds her child only organic and made from scratch foods. Who never lets her child eat fast food or junk food. But I’m not that mom.

I’d love to say I’m… the “perfect” mom. The “super” mom. The moms I see on Pinterest and in my Facebook stream.

I am not that mom. I am…

THAT mom!

I'm not Super Mom, I am THAT Mom!

1.  I let my son eat (on occasion) candy bars, brownies, or chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

2.  I let my son eat some kind of fast food several times a week (usually Chick-Fil-A). Sometimes for lunch, sometimes dinner. And there have been occasions when he has, dare I say it… eaten Chick-Fil-A (and/or other fast food) twice in the same day!

3.  I sometimes let my son watch way too much TV (it’s usually the Food Network, because that’s his favorite channel). He sure does love the Pioneer Woman. 

4.  I let my son spend too much time playing video games. He even has his own YouTube channel doing walk-thrus, etc.

5.  I baby my son. He is our only child and I know I have been plenty guilty of babying him. He’s now 13 and I still kind of baby him a wee bit. I do too much for him sometimes. I found it easier just to do it myself when he was younger and now I do things he is fully capable of doing himself because I just plain want to.

6.  I let my son watch inappropriate movies and TV shows. In my defense, think The Walking Dead is educational and he will be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Okay, he’s only watched one episode, but there are plenty more examples I could give. 

7.  I have cussed (not like a sailor or anything) in front of my son. He knows there are words he doesn’t say and I even tell him that people who are intelligent do not use foul/vulgar language because they are too smart to use such words. Now my son probably thinks his mom is stupid. All I know is, I do have a difficult time watching my language when I drive. There really are a lot of bad drivers out there and they bring the worst out in me.

8.  I cannot sew…. well, maybe in an emergency I could manage to sew a button on. My son never had a creative homemade Halloween costume. The cotton balls I hot-glue gunned onto a white T-Shirt and ball cap to make him look like a cloud for school is the best he’s ever gotten.

9.  To go along with the sewing, I am not very crafty either. I’d rather buy it, than make it. Enough said.

10. I work too much and don’t always give him all of my attention. Thankfully, my husband works from home too, so at least our son has at least one of his parents at his disposal at almost any given time.

Okay, I could go on, and on, but since my son is thirteen and doesn’t like me to post too much about him anymore, I will not admit to some of the other things (yep, there are more) that make me THAT kind of mom, as to not embarrass my son, too much.

I am THAT mom! And I embarrass my son...

Which by the way, he thinks is my life’s goal, to embarrass him that is. There may or may not be some truth to that, just saying.

All I know is that most days I feel like a mom failure, that everything I do is wrong. 

I wish I could boast about being “Susie Homemaker” who does all the things that I pin to Pinterest, but alas, I am THAT mom.  My son is very smart, sweet, kind, funny (like makes me laugh All. The. Time. Funny), and has a huge heart. I don’t think I’ve messed him up too much. I hope at least I am helping my teenage son to become a good man.

But just in case, I’m saving up for his therapy.

I know I question my decisions as a mom All. The. Time. Am I hovering too much? Am I being too strict (my son would definitely say yes because even though I’m guilty of the things I’ve mentioned above, I’m admittedly a very strict mom). Am I being too lenient? Am I… just fill in the blank, there’s always the doubting, at least for me. Now that I have a teenager I’m learning to pick my battles. I pray I’m picking the right ones. Dang, this parenting stuff isn’t easy! 

Even though I am THAT mom…

…THAT mom also loves her child with all her heart, encourages her child, and demands the best from him. I know what my son is capable of and expect nothing less. THAT mom loves to hear her son laugh and loves when she is the one that makes him laugh. THAT mom is doing the best she knows how to do. THAT mom would walk through fire to protect him. THAT mom with all her imperfections, loves her child with an all encompassing perfect love.

Do you do anything as a parent that makes you THAT mom?

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  1. My children are aged 5 and 2, and yes, I am definitely THAT mum! They eat junk food far too often. They watch TV every day. They know how to work my Kindle and smartphone better than I do, and although I actually want to do lots of crafts with them, we just never seem to find the time… but they still love me, they are happy and healthy, so it can’t be that bad 😉

  2. We all learn as we go and do the best we can raising our children. I am sure you are a terrific mom. Not a one of us are perfect though. God Bless

  3. This is such a great post! 🙂 It made me smile because, no one is perfect and I am tired of the moms that try to pretend that they are. I just love your honesty! You sound like a great mom, btw!

  4. I can relate to a lot of these.

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