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The task of perfectly capturing your child’s face on film can feel daunting. With their constant movement and running around, you may find it difficult to create the perfect photo to use around your house or as a gift. For family photography that’s fun and fast, many people head to the studios of a professional photographer. Here, professionals can work with your child in perfect lighting to create pictures that will last you and your family a lifetime. Once you have those photos, there are tons of ways you can put them to good use and create lasting memories.

Here are a few fun and unique ways to put your family’s pictures to use.

  • Create a smartphone cover – Show off your child by putting his or her face on the piece of equipment you use most. Create a smartphone cover featuring a professional picture of your child. That way, you will always have the person or people you love most at your fingertips, regardless of where you are.
  • Carry them on your shoulder – If you go shopping frequently or have a lot to carry on a daily basis, have a tote bag made to show off the perfect picture of your baby. This is a great conversation starter and a wonderful way to bring your family with you even when they are far away.
  • Use them to protect your tablet – Protect your iPad or e-reader with the face of your beautiful child. Every time you pull out your high-tech device, you will smile just from seeing their face staring back at you on the cover.
  • Make coasters – Show off your happy family to all who come to visit. Create coasters that will be fun conversation pieces as well as practical protectors for your furniture. These make great decorating items, too, as they can be stood up and displayed when not in use.
  • Put keepsakes within them – With your child’s face on top, create a keepsake box and fill it with some of the small reminders from their childhood, such as their first tooth or footprint markings from the hospital. This is the perfect way to store your child’s memories in a beautiful display.
  • Create an ornamental timeline – As your child grows, the years will pass quickly. Reminisce on each year by creating a cutout ornament with your child or family picture. This way, you will have a timeline stretched across your Christmas tree with memories from the past.

Regardless of how you use your professional photo, coming up with a way to make these pictures last is fun and easy to do. Ask your photographer or studio for options as far as what they can create with the pictures they take. You will have fun choosing unique items to display your family’s smiling faces.

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