How to Save Money on Your Christmas Shopping This Year

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Ahead of the Game

If you have planned your Christmas shopping to the degree that you should do, then you will know precisely what you are going to spend and on whom. The big problems with Christmas shopping tend to come when you have left it all to the last minute and end up paying over the odds for gifts. This happens either because you end up buying a more expensive alternative to a gift that has sold out, or you have to turn to something such as eBay in order to fulfill gifting requirements.

Tip one, then, is to get your shopping done early and save money.

Use Discounts

If you are buying someone a gift for Christmas, as long as they get what they want they are probably not going to be too bothered whether or not you paid the full price for it. Once you have planned ahead and know exactly what you are going to buy and where from, begin sourcing discounts, either for use online or in the retail stores themselves. To be clear, you do not need to go to the sometimes ridiculous lengths they go to on Extreme Couponing in the United States, but you could well find yourself saving incredible sums of money if you are able to save even 10% off of all of your purchases.

Buy Something Different

When it comes to stocking fillers or buying gifts for people who really have no expectation over what they receive, go for something quirky and unique rather than the monotonous, boring, predictable gifts that are given in their thousands but not appreciated and rarely used.

We’re not saying go to charity shops or anything like that, but looking online, for example, for quirky and thoughtful gift ideas will save you money as well as give a more distinct charm to what you are giving.

Make Them Yourself

While making your own Christmas gifts is a great idea, you do have to be careful. Some people will see this as a charming idea, while there will be others who might label you as a cheapskate and have spent a lot of money on gifts for you.

If you are planning to make your own Christmas gifts, it is probably best to have some sort of agreement with friends or family members that this is what you are going to do, so you avoid any awkward “what is that” moments when people unwrap a jar of homemade jam, for example.

Cachette is an online store that offers Christmas present ideas for 2012. Everything on their website is unique, nothing is produced on industrial scale.


  1. I made a goal to make all homemade gifts this year. I’m enjoying it so much that I think I’ll do it every year from now on!

  2. When you talked about buying something unique, you reminded me that I need to buy my mom’s gift. I’m ordering it right now. It’s sooooo cool!

  3. great money saving tips. my husband and I have been discussing Christmas shopping lately and while I have been shopping through out the year we aren’t going as crazy with presents as we usually do.

  4. It’s time to think about Christmas already? Noooo! LOL

  5. I think Pinterest has made it easier for people to find neat ideas for making Christmas presents! I think I will start there to find some thoughtful and fun gifts that I can make with my daughters.

  6. I use swagbucks throughout the year….buy $5 Amazon GC throughout the year and use them to buy all my big Christmas gifts for my son and husband and my husband buys mine as well. My husband is a huge gamer so the weekend of Black Friday I watch for all Amazon deals on games and I am able to buy him 2 or 3 games for less then 1 game normally – plus there is no out of pocket because I use my GC

  7. Interesting tips. I’ve already started thinking about this years presents.

  8. I always have the kids make a list early so I can start watching out for sales or discounts.

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