How to Plan Your Family’s Varying Tastes in TV Shows

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When it comes to TV, do you find the members of your family fighting over which shows to watch? Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to television programs, and often these shows can be on at the same time. No one wants to miss their favorite show just to watch something else they might not like very much. So what do you do about it? Well, in order to solve this dilemma you will need to make good use of a DVR and plan around each person’s viewing habits.

What is a DVR?

DVRs are used to record programs off of the TV so that you can watch them at a later time. They can even record one program while you busy watching another. This means that while one family member is watching the evening news, the DVR is recording something else in the background that can be watched after.

They can be set up to record shows at preset times, so that you can even record stuff when you are not home. This can save you a lot of grief and hassle when it comes to finding compromises on what shows to watch at what times.

How should I use the DVR to help my families viewing habits?

By making use of a DVR to record shows for later watching, you can make sure that everyone gets to watch what they want even if they don’t get the chance to watch it when they want. Making use of the timing features is very important, so that you never miss a show.

One good plan for setting up your DVR for show recording is to have it record the shows only the parents are going to watch so that they can be watched after the kids have gone to bed or are at school.

This way, you and your children can watch the shows you enjoy as a family without having to miss out on the other stuff that you like. You can also have the DVR record all of the shows that the kids enjoy watching on weeknights, so that they can view them on the weekends.

This helps to keep TV from interfering with schoolwork, and keeps you from having arguments over them missing their favorite show. No need for them to worry about not seeing the latest episode of 30 Rock when they know that it is sitting there waiting for them to watch it on Saturday morning.

Of course, DVR recording is only an answer to the question of people wanting to watch things at different times. You also need to take into account what it is your family members want to watch in the first place.

Maybe someone’s favorite show is on a channel you don’t currently get? In order for everyone’s taste to be met, you need to have a wide variety of channels to choose from. Getting the best deal you can becomes important when picking a channel package, so using a site like can help you find the best deal in your area.

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  1. DVR has been a lifesaver in my house! I seriously don’t know what we did before it, but I know it’s brought a lot of peace haha!

  2. I still need to learn how to use our dvr. lol

  3. We used to live by our DVR, now we just have hulu and netflix and we get by, there was a pretty drastic adjustment period though.

  4. I don’t think we could survive without our DVR.

  5. No TV at my house – no DVR either. That solves one problem.

  6. I just love having a DVR. Hubby and I have such different tastes in TV shows, and I just record what I want to watch later.

  7. We actually just downgraded our cable services and nixed the DVR. It’s sorta nice to spend A LOT less time watching TV. I feel so much more productive.

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