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I have a confession to make… I am a tech gadget addict. Actually, my family is an addict. We have to have every new gadget that comes out. Especially Apple products. Between the three of us, we have a lot of iPhones and iPads.

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Maybe hoarder is the correct term. Because we certainly hoard gadgets.

It’s silly to keep hoarding gadgets that we will never use again. And since I’m in an organizing mood, I think it’s time to get rid of all these tech devices.

Most of the tech devices we have are in good condition. So, I would like to trade in some of our used devices. I’ve heard great things about Trademore and decided to check them out.

The website is easy to navigate and they spell everything out so that you know exactly how to buy or sell (trade-in) a device.

iphone 6 to sell trademore

I decided to trade-in my iPhone 6. You can trade in a variety of used devices — smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

I found my device on trademore to determine the trade-in value of my phone and it took me about 5 minutes to order a recovery kit for free… this is a shipping kit for me to send my phone to Trademore (free shipping). I have 30-days from my order date to ship my iPhone to them.

If I don’t send it to them within the 30-days, my offer may be revised, since our tech devices continue to depreciate. But this gives me 30 days though, to decide if I really do want to trade in my phone. Since I want to get rid of old devices and paid as well, I’ll be sure to send it to Trademore as soon as possible.

Within 4 days of placing my order, I received my recovery kit. This is the shipping kit for me to ship my iPhone 6 to Trademore. It includes the box, two foam inserts (to protect your device), and the return shipping label.

trademore prepaid shipping

trademore prepaid shipping box 2

You get all the instructions you need to send your device on the website, but all the instructions are included on the inside of the prepaid shipping box (which is very nice and handy).

shipping iphone 6 to trademore

Now, I’ll ship my iPhone 6 to Trademore and they will email me when they receive my device. Then I will receive an email when they have paid me.

Seriously, the whole process could not have been easier.

If you want to clear out your old tech devices like me or if you’re in the market to buy a pre-owned device, visit Trademore today.

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