Holiday Toys: Past & Present (Infographic)

Toys today aren't so different from toys of the past. They've just been upgraded with cool technologies. This infographic from, takes a look at holiday toys then and now.

Holiday Toys on Pronto


We still play the board game Scrabble, but have to admit we love playing it on the iPad, too. What was/is your favorite Christmas toy?

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  1. Despite the generation gaps I adore Scrabble & my 3yr old asked for Mr Potato Head this year. How funny to see the changes over time like this!

  2. I officially feel old, having played with almost all of those early toys when I was a kid (the originals,mind you)/

  3. It’s so funny how toys have changed! I remember playing video game’s from the 80’s! They are nothing like what kids have today.

    And my teenage daughter has a iPod nano, but she is constantly dropping hints about a iPod touch!

  4. We have both the then and now Rubik’s.

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