Helpful Options and Resources for Your Finances

Are you still uncertain about the economy, and how it may, or may not, affect your personal finances? Looking for some helpful resources?

The government gets a bad rep from people. Do our elected officials “let us down” occasionally? Of course, they do. Yet, they provide numerous resources for those who are willing to do a little research.

The goal of this post is to offer some assistance to anyone who is interested in options. What kind of options? We will touch upon these three fundamental areas:

Helpful Resources for Your Finances

  • Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Debt consolidation lending

Federal Financial Literacy and Education Commission

One of the first lessons we learn growing up is the importance of saving money. In theory, this is what each of us should be doing. In actual practice, few of us are consciously making an effort. The reasons are plenty, and some are justifiable.

helpful resources for finances

Did you know that our federal government has numerous tools at your disposal to help with establishing a savings plan?

Tips for saving and downloadable PDF files are just a sample of what is offered by our government. These PDF files contain valuable information on a broad range of subjects.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Most of us have experienced a time in our life when we could not meet our financial obligations. Some of us have experienced harassing phone calls from debt collectors. These troubling calls are especially frustrating when you were not entirely at fault.  

There is a United States government agency that specializes in fair treatment to consumers from banks, lenders, and other finance companies. You can report collection agency harassment, get answers to commonly asked questions concerning money, and utilize free tools to help you reach financial goals.

Debt Consolidation Lending

Now, that we have gone over a couple government resources that are free and helpful, let’s take a moment and consider debt consolidation. As the monthly bills accumulate, it can become “taxing” to keep track of what is due when.

Perhaps you have several of your bills set up on auto draft (also commonly referred to as ACH). This is common in today’s society. There is a drawback to ACH, especially when money is tight. Overdraft happens, and you are hit with the fee(s). Then, stress takes over as an attempt is made to organize your monthly budget.

helpful resources for finances

With a debt consolidation loan, your monthly bills can be assimilated into one manageable monthly payment. ILoan personal loan review suggests shopping numerous personal loan lenders, paying particular attention to annual percentage rates, loan terms, loan amount maximums, and qualification requirements.

Hopefully, this has helped cast aside any prejudice one may have towards the government, if for just long enough to recognize that they are here to help. Utilize the resources at your disposal.

Debt consolidation offers the individual, or family, the opportunity to turn an unmanageable monthly compilation of bills into one manageable payment. Bear in mind the necessity to think long-term, and budget accordingly.