Heavy Duty Gun Safes for Added Protection

heavy duty gun safes

Biometric gun safes use imprints from fingers in order to allow access to authorized users only. Rather than opening the safe with a basic key, you have to press your finger onto a reader in order to open the safe. Many safes still come with backup keys just in case something malfunctions, but the idea is to restrict access only to people who have legitimate business accessing the safe.

There are many advantages to purchasing heavy duty gun safes with biometric locks. You don’t have to worry about children finding a key and accessing a gun safe without supervision. If your home is robbed, the gun safe is still secure unless an authorized user serves as the key. Even if the intruder is familiar with your home, they cannot gain access unless they know where the backup key is hiding.

heavy duty gun safes

While biometric safes are the highest-tech options on the market today, do not assume that they are the best pick for your needs. Think about how many people may need to access your safe now and in the future. Most safes allow multiple people to program their fingerprints for access, but there is typically a maximum number of users.

Also think about how often you may access your safe and the circumstances under which that may happen. In most cases, biometric safes are faster and easier to get into than key safes, but some people prefer to stick with a key. In some cases, you may want to hide a key in your home so that babysitters, visitors and other people can get into the safe in an emergency.

You also have to consider your budget when determining what type of gun safe to purchase. If you are shopping for gun safes on a tight budget, you may find biometric technology places most safes out of your budget. You can sometimes shop sales to get great deals on these safes, but you will pay more for this technology in general.

You may also find that the safes with other features that you must have do not come with biometric technology. You have to consider size and functionality of the overall safe rather than focusing only on the technology built into a safe. The newest technology on the market is not necessarily technology that meets your needs. Consider the larger market before making this decision.


  1. The only thing more important then having a firearm to protect our home, is having a secure heavy duty safe to ensure our children aren’t at risk!

  2. My husband and I were just talking about gun safes. I had no idea that my FIL had to huge gun safes in his house.

  3. I think my oldest brother has one (and he doesn’t have children in the household). I think more and more people should invest in getting one, especially if they’re going to own guns and have children in the household.

  4. Guns scare me… but if you’re going to own one (or more), the responsible thing is store them in a safe like this.

  5. Gun safes are always a great idea, my dad always had one for his guns.

  6. Guns scare the heck out of me, they really do! But, for those who choose to have them it’s always a great idea to keep them safe and out of the reach of others.

  7. I love the idea of added protection, especially involving a weapon.

  8. This seems to be a must have for gun owners.

  9. After all the tragedies in recent years, one would be a fool to own guns without a good safe.

  10. We don’t own a gun, but if we ever get one we will be buying a safe the same day. Having kids in the house without a safe is just a terrifying thought.

  11. Ours has a manual combination that’s impossible for me to open. Wish it was digital!

  12. My brother is a hunter, so something like this is a good idea for him.

  13. If one has guns in the home, one has to prevent access to them by others, this would be my first purchase if we were planning on having a firearm in our home.

  14. My husband would love a safe like this. I love how heavy duty it is!! Def. worth the investment!

  15. I hope that everyone with a gun uses a gun safe like this. I don’t own a gun but if I did, you can bet it would be locked up safely.

  16. Gun owners should use a gun safe like this especially when there are kids in the house.

  17. I not a fan of guns, but would prefer that those that do keep their guns safe in something like this.

  18. My uncle used to have several of these. Good to have if you own firearms!

  19. My sisters husband has guns and thankfully he has them all locked up in a safe. Having a safe like the one you mention is a necessity in my opinion

  20. this is really freay way to protyect your gunds and keep them in protection

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