Happy Labor Day, No… Not That One

Happy Labor Day! Oh, you thought I meant THAT Labor Day? Being a mother and all, I thought I’d celebrate Labor Day by giving a shout out to all the moms out there that have gone through “labor.”

In celebration, I found some of the weirdest, craziest, and downright absurd giving birth stories. The day I gave birth to my son was a bit crazy, but nothing compared to these stories:


Crazy Labor Day Stories

Babies Having Babies

Chinese girl, 9, gives birth to baby boy, now that’s a baby having a baby. We here about young girls having babies all the time, but 9 is just plain crazy.

Black & White


Black parents give birth to a white baby. It seems that Nmachi (which means Beauty of God) is an albino. But I love that the father says when he first saw his new little baby girl, he said, “What the flip?”

I’m My Own Grandma

61 year old gives birth to her own grandson. This is a great story! What a gift from one mother to her daughter. Even if I couldn’t imagine being pregnant or giving birth at 61, being able to give the baby to her daughter and not having to raise him would be easier… and then she gets to spoil her grandson.

It’s a Magic Number

Family’s three children were born on 8/8/08, 9/9/09, and 10/10/10 giving them unique birthdays. This story is very cool indeed. It definitely gives the kids something unique and interesting to talk about.

I’m Not pregnant, I’m Just Fat… Oh, Wait


Woman gives birth without knowing she’s pregnant. I have to say, I cannot imagine not knowing you were pregnant… at least somewhere in the 2nd trimester. I definitely would have known with all the kicking my son did.

Survival Instinct

Lastly, I leave you with a miraculous labor story of love and survival. A woman gives birth two days after being set on fire and shot. It’s an incredible story of survival.

I hope everyone has a Happy Labor Day… whether you’ve gone through “labor” or not.