Happy Father’s Day My Love

Dear Greg,

Tomorrow you will be celebrating (and I use that term, because I know being a dad is a celebration to you) your ninth Father's Day. Time sure is flying, huh? During these past nine years I've marveled at your capacity of love and patience. You always put Cody first (and me, for that matter). Before anything else. I assure you, Cody knows this. He will grow up knowing his daddy puts him at the forefront in everything you do.




You're a hands on dad. You've never shirked responsibility in every aspect of raising our son. Not once. You guys romp and play, and have fun. You teach and work with him. You take care of his basic needs. You comfort him when he needs it, and give him pep talks when the circumstances require it. You "talk" to him. You "listen" to him. You "respect" him. 

I am so proud of you. And so blessed to have you as the father of our son. Cody has the best example of what a man, husband, and father should be like. He already exhibits all those wonderful qualities that he has learned from you. He's kind, thoughtful, respectful, and oh, so, funny (he definitely has your sense of humor). 

Thank you, dear! Thank you for being you. Thank you for all you do, each and every day with our son.

All My Love,