UPDATE: I am NOT accepting Guest Posts at this time (March 24, 2014). Until further notice.

I love guest bloggers! As a mom, wife, and active member of my son’s school, not to mention work, I sometimes find it hard to keep fresh content on my blog. And sometimes… I just have writer’s block. So I really appreciate a good guest post.

Also, a guest post gives my readers something new. A different perspective than mine. Brings a little something new to Blog by Donna.

It also brings guest bloggers new fans. And I love sharing the love.

Guest Post Guidelines:

  • Must be original work, never published anywhere else. I prefer at least 500 words. Please check spelling and grammar before submitting.
  • Should include images if possible. All images need to be cc, copyright free, and/or image source included. I can include an image(s) myself if need be.
  • Must be family friendly. It can be funny/humorous, just no foul or explicit language.
  • No promoting of giveaways or events. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to include a link to your own site/blog and/or social media page (Twitter, Google+, etc.). Two links at most. I would prefer the link(s) to be in your author byline.
  • I’m looking for parenting, educational, recipe, crafty, how-to, social media, tech, blogging tips/how-to/seo, health/fitness/beauty, and green topics. And humorous and funny topics/articles will almost alway get published. 🙂

To inquire about guest blogging or to suggest a topic/idea, please send email to [email protected]

 UPDATE: I am NOT accepting Guest Posts at this time (March 24, 2014). Until further notice.


  1. Love that you have this page on your site! If you ever want to work together we should do it girl! XOXO

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