Grow Your Eyelashes Fast at Home

how to grow your eyelashes fast at home

Eyelashes tend to bring a certain degree of drama on a person’s eyes. This is primarily the reason why women have more concern over growing eyelashes. Those who are not gifted with long lashes may even choose to use false eyelashes instead for an instant lash improvement. It is said that the length of lashes also depend on hereditary factors. The reason why your lashes may be that short is because your ancestors have such too. So if you are considering this as a dilemma, you can just turn to home remedies to extend these eyelashes.

You can start off by brushing your eyelashes twice a day. You may use a mascara brush to perform the process. As you do this, the natural oils found in your lashes are distributed up to the tips thus giving it enough nourishment to grow longer.

It is true that the body has stores for nourishment; however, there is a need to have certain back up minerals to do the deal in a fast manner. The use of olive oil is one. Apply olive oil on the lashes just before you sleep. With this, the lashes will absorb the nutrients found in the oil to initiate growth. Gently wash it off in the morning with the use of eye makeup remover. Make sure that it is all washed off or else you will get a lot of dust trapped on your lashes.

Another helpful home remedy is the use of petroleum jelly. This is inexpensive which means that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get desired effects. Its use is but easy. You just need to clean your eyes up first and clear it from makeup and mascara. Then, you can directly apply the jelly on your eyelashes. Make sure to wash it off when you wake up the day after.

But if the application of the mentioned products is not your thing, you can go also for diet modification. Diet affects the growth of eyelashes in a way that the nutrients found in some food encourage its growth. Cling to foods rich in protein because eyelashes are made up of keratin which may benefit more from this nutrient. Foods such as fish, poultry, eggs and beans are just some that you can add on your diet.  Also, it would help to take foods with Vitamin A which is known to work with the eyes.

Making a habit of massaging the eyes can also help. This promotes blood circulation which in turn would help distribute nutrients to the distal ends of the lashes thus leaving it nourished which is proven effective to increase its length.

These home remedies actually belong to the safe choice of growing lashes. However, there is still a need to have it checked before you would decide on using it. Consult your physician for once to check if it will suit you. Also, you can do the skin test by yourself at home to check for allergies. Just apply a small amount of the solution, jelly or oil on your wrist. Wait for like 30 minutes. If itching occurs, it means that you are allergic and should halt from using it. But if there are no noted reactions like redness, itching and swelling, then it is safe to use. So, if you’re fan of natural cosmetics, you can check out some handmade cosmetics recipes here

The eyelashes are the most appealing part of your eye. No one can question the dramatic feel that it does bring especially if it long. But for those not gifted with flattery lashes, home remedies come to the rescue. These remedies provide desired effects same as those expensive treatments plus a touch of safeness.


  1. As I’ve gotten older my lashes have gotten really sparse, so I wear false eye lashes now.

  2. It’s amazing at how much our diet affects every aspect of our lives/bodies. Who would have thought about our eyelash health?

  3. Great advice! I will try the olive oil and see how it works!

  4. Wow, I didn’t know there was anything you could do to make your eyelashes grow faster.

  5. thanks for the tips. I used to have long lashes and I swear they are getting shorter

  6. I have short eyelashes, but luckily my girls took after their dad and have gorgeous lashes.

  7. Great tips! My eyelashes have gotten shorter as I have gotten older.

  8. WOW I never thought of doing anything like this. I did try a product once but it bothered my eyes.

  9. Castor oil applied to the lashes and along the lashline at bedtime is also something that helps. It can also help grow in sparse or over-tweezed brows. Emu oil is also said to stimulate hair growth.

  10. I didn’t even know you could grow your eyelashes! My brothers have the most beautiful long lashes and my sister and I have short stumpy ones…how unfair, right?!

    1. Author

      I know isn’t it unfair that little boys will have the longest, thickest eyelashes. 🙂

  11. Wow, these are great ideas! Thanks so much!

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