The Path to Graduation for High School Seniors

This is a sponsored post. All opinions about preparing for graduation are 100% my own.

High School Graduation. These words strike fear in my heart. With that said, you may guess that I have a teenager in high school.

And you would be right.

It’s not a task for the weak of heart, and it takes a lot to launch them into their life of independent living. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks in conquering the path to graduation


The Path to Graduation

ACT and SAT Tests

No matter what your high school student’s plans are after graduation, you can expect that some testing will be part of the requirements. Advanced Placement and possible IB testing aside, the major tests are the ACT and SAT. While preparation itself is not always required, you should consider giving your student every chance to excel at these tests.

There are many practice tests available on the market, along with study guides. Many schools even offer mock testing, which gives the student the experience of the real thing without the worry of the end score. These can be invaluable in preparing for these tests.

Remember, the goal is to be able to use these tests to stand out from the crowd,  not necessarily a perfect score. With that in mind, you might find that it is easier to prepare your student to place well on them.

Visit colleges

It’s time to load up your student and take them on a whirlwind, possibly fun-filled tour of the potential colleges in their future. The goal of the college visit is for the student to get a good feel for what just might be their home for the next few years. While it is hard to get an accurate picture from just one visit, it can definitely serve to help narrow down the list of potential candidates.

While you are visiting the different colleges, you may find that the details and differences will start to merge into one confusing picture. For this reason, be sure to take good notes (and pictures) on each place you visit.

It might be that you liked one aspect of a particular school while your teen liked the campus life. By referring back to notes you will be able to keep your facts straight without the need for an extra revisit.

But before you commit, be sure to take one more trip to the chosen college before signing any papers. You may find that the situation has changed, or that the wonderful campus with its scenic walkways looks differently on a second look. But if everything is still good, you can feel confident in your choice.

Research Scholarships

A big part of preparing for college these days is researching the different potential scholarships that your graduate may have access to on their path, such as the Melvin Brewing Scholarship. You can never start too soon, but college and scholarship searches need to peak around their Junior year of high school.

This leaves your student their senior year to enjoy life with friends and make memories.  More importantly, it ensures that you have plenty of time to get everything in order and that nothing is left to the last minute. While there may be some things out of your control, you will want to minimize last minute details as much as possible.

With luck, perseverance, and determiniation,  you can get your student ready for college life and beyond. But this is one project that can’t be treated with procrastination. Start early, stay on top of things, and keep pushing to have the plans well defined and confirmed. After that,  let the events play out and enjoy every minute you still have with your teen. Even the eye-rolling ones.