Going On Holiday When You Are Single

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going on a vacation when you're single

When you are a single woman you tend to notice even more how many great holiday packages and offers there are for couples available these days– romantic weekends, city breaks, exotic trips, etc. But what can you do if you aren’t in a relationship, but you still have a thirst for traveling and adventure? Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you have to forget about holidays at all – on the contrary, it might actually help you a lot and give you a peace of mind and something new to focus on. Who knows who you might meet while sunbathing?

Of course you need to consider some basics when booking a holiday alone. First, choose a destination which truly attracts you and learn more about it. Don’t go where everyone else goes, but pick a unique place that will feel special. Italy has some wonderful cities and small towns and the countryside is simply amazing.

going on a vacation alone

Second, think of the type of holiday that you need – a beach holiday, a mountain resort stay, a sightseeing tour in a big city, a safari or a trip? Third, decide whether travelling alone is the best idea. If you can’t imagine being on your own throughout the entire holiday, try to organize something with a fellow single friend of yours or with a group of friends.

You could also join a meet up group online which organizes trips. This is a great way to experience something new and make new friends. This way you can continue meeting up with these people after the trip and organize more events. It’s great to travel this way, because you get to meet new people and nobody would judge you for the fact that you are single. You will feel great and surrounded by people who have similar tastes to yours, which is always nice.

If you want something exciting, why don’t you go to an exotic destination that you’ve always wanted to visit? The Caribbean, Brazil, Maldives, New Zealand or Thailand are not reserved only for couples. They will take your breath away with their stunning scenery, magnificent nature and pristine sandy beaches. You will instantly feel better just seeing the crystal clear waters and feeling the sea breeze. There is really nothing better than that.

And if you get bored, you could take a dance class (in the Caribbean), meet the locals and try bungee jumping (in Rio), scuba diving (in New Zealand) or riding on a back of an elephant.

Don’t forget to take a good camera and you could even keep an online blog about your travels. This way you could inspire other single women to do the same – be brave and go on holiday alone.

Ruby Rogers is a 33 years old passionate blogger. She has been traveling since she was a little child. She lives in Gloucester, UK with her husband and two daughters, and loves planning family trips and exploring new places. You can read more useful tips for romantic vacations on: http://www.vacation-rentals.com/vacation-rentals/california.html


  1. I’m not single, but Hubs hates to travel so I may as well be when it comes to vacations!

  2. I was always to nervous to vacation alone.

  3. I am happily married but would love a few days of relaxing and vacationing alone too!

  4. I don’t think that I would travel alone. I have gone on blog trips by myself but I always meet up with a group of other people.

  5. I was brave. I drove several hundred miles and stayed a week at a popular resort city on the southern Atlantic coast. It was AWESOME! I felt reborn!
    Thanks for sharing@

  6. I used to travel to Chicago to see my sister alone every year as a teenager, but now that I have a kiddo I wouldn’t want to go alone anymore!

  7. I’ve never vacationed alone, but that’s because people always want to travel with me! LOL

  8. I became a Mom at 19, so I didn’t ever get a chance to do this, but I’m enjoying family trips and looking forward to doing a lot of travel in my retirement!

  9. I’ve never really taken a vacation alone. I’ve traveled alone but the end result is a group of people when I get there.

  10. Even if I were single I think I’d have to bring some friends

  11. My best friend is single and always has been, she travels all the time. If she doesn’t go with her family, she will go with a friend or even alone. She is fantastic at finding a million things to do on her own. Her interests are diverse and wide, so there is always something for her to explore.

  12. Thanks for posting this. I am newly single and would never have gone on a vacation by myself. Thanks for some great ideas!!

  13. Single or not, I don’t think I could travel alone. Too much goes on these days!

  14. I’ve never gone on a vacation by myself before, but I have been away on business alone, and when gone have taken the time to visit sites in the area. I do think it’s a little less satisfying than when sharing it with someone you love to be with though.

  15. Interesting. I’m not sure of my comfort level though.

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