Gift Guide: Gifts You Need

Some of the products in this ultimate gift guide for her have been given to me for review purposes. Some of the products are affiliate links, meaning, if you choose to click on a link and make a purchase, I will make a small commission. And, most products on this list I paid for myself and loved them. I think you will love them too.

Sometimes I find really cool and unique products that I didn’t even know I needed (or wanted).

You know, the kind of things that once you get it you wonder how you ever did without it?!

That’s the case with this gift guide. It’s the kind of gifts that maybe your recipient wouldn’t have bought for themselves, but so love that you took the time to find them something they didn’t even know they needed (or wanted).

Here are a few of my favorite gifts…

Gifts You Need (or Didn’t Know You Needed)

ZUS nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

smart vehicle health monitor

I’m adding this to a gift guide because it really is one of the best gifts you could give to someone or to yourself. Not only because of what the nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini does and how it could potentially save you so much money, but the nonda is free!

Yes, FREE.

They are giving away the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini.

No catch.

You do have to pay for shipping but the wonderfully little device retails for $59.99 and they are giving it to you for $0.00. The app is free to use, too.

About ZUS nonda

vehicle health monitor

nonda is a smart hardware startup based in Silicon Valley. Their mission is to provide app-enabled devices to improve the lives of people everywhere starting with car drivers.

The nonda Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini is a plug-and-play device with an accompanying mobile app that allows drivers to keep tabs on their engine’s health, drive safer, and save money. It works on almost every car that was made after 1996.

My husband tried it out on one of our vehicles last night. It’s very user-friendly and he already found it useful. This will be nice to use on our son’s car, especially when he goes away to college. It will give us a little peace of mind.

I’m going to appreciate the mileage tracker since I can claim some of the mileage on my taxes.

This is one gadget you won’t want to live without. So, claim one for yourself, your husband, your parents, or anyone on your shopping list.

Just go HERE to claim your FREE unit now.

Good Essentials

hand sanitizer

If this has taught me anything, it’s that a good hand sanitizer is worth its weight in gold. Seriously.

But just because we need hand sanitizers doesn’t mean we want ones that are drying or full of chemicals. This is why I love Good Essentials.

Their products are all-natural with no harsh synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrance, dyes, parabens, or phthalates.

Although they are powerful against germs and bacteria, they’re gentle on your skin.

More About Good Essentials

Their proprietary formulas have been passed down for centuries, and have been used to develop beauty, wellness and skincare products for some of the world’s most exclusive brands.

And Good Essentials is more than just hand sanitizers…

gifts you need

I’m especially loving the Aromatherapy Face & Mask Mist. The spray blends lavender, rosemary, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils, which help boost the immune system and are known for their soothing and calming properties.

If you have to wear a mask for an extended amount of time, you will appreciate this mist.

Shop now at

The Comfy

I’m in love with The Comfy! And I’m having to fight my husband and teenage son for it. So I highly recommend getting one for every member of the family, or like me, you may have to hide it. I’m kidding. Maybe.

The Comfy

Seriously, everyone will want one. It’s perfect on a cool chilly day or night to wear while watching tv on family movie night.

The Comfy is like an oversized hoodie and a soft warm blanket married and had a child. It’s so soft and you will feel so warm and toasty wearing it.

gift guide

the comfy

You may remember seeing it first featured on the show Shark Tank.

And if this wasn’t enough to want your own The Comfy, they partnered with Susan G Komen® and in 2019-2020, The Comfy will donate to Susan G. Komen $50,000.00 regardless of sales. 


Do you or someone on your holiday shopping list love peanut butter? I honestly don’t know how you couldn’t love peanut butter, unless you’re allergic, of course.

If you do love peanut butter you have got to try bNutty. It is a gourmet peanut butter that takes already delicious peanut butter and takes it up a level.

gift guide

Their seasonal peanut butter, Pumpkin Spice bNutty, is perfect this time of year!

bnutty gourmet peanut butter

They have a tasty selection of gourmet peanut butter to choose from, like Totally Toffee and Irresistible Pretzel. I guarantee you that you and/or your recipient will be happy receiving bNutty this holiday season.


The Crossrope is a great gift for anyone into fitness, but it’s also a great gift to give someone who might not be into fitness at the moment. I can use myself as an example because I have been slacking in the fitness department for a while now.


After receiving the Crossrope I became inspired to get back into a fitness routine. The Crossrope makes working out fun. Yes, walking, jogging, running, and aerobics are great exercises, but they can get boring.


The Crossrope is giving me a ‘jump’ start towards moving again. By creating interchangeable weighted ropes for added resistance and strength training it’s more than just jumping rope. It’s like jumping rope ramped up. It’s a workout that will get you results faster.

You can burn over 1,000 calories jumping rope, making it a very effective fitness regime. I love that Crossrope has an app with exercises to follow from beginners to advanced. Learn more about Crossrope here and see why it’s a gift you didn’t know you needed!

Selfie Ring Light

Everyone and their sister is doing selfies. Sometimes the lighting isn’t great and you could use a little extra lighting, especially if you want a group selfie.

gift guide

This Selfie Ring Light will brighten up all your selfies and works on any smartphone. I got mine from Amazon a couple of years ago, but this self ring light is very similar.

Neewer Ring Light Video Lighting Kit

I’ve talked about my Neewer Ring Light before because, well… it is that incredible. I cannot express to you enough how much a ring light can improve photos and videos.

ring light

This Neewer Ring Light Kit is perfect for most anyone’s video needs. I have had mine for over two years now, and use it often. As a blogger or vlogger, it is a must-have, in my opinion.

But if you like to take selfies or flat lays for Instagram, I highly recommend this ring light kit.

Customized Pillow

We may know that it’s time to toss our pillows and get a new one, but it, just like replacing your mattress, is something we don’t do as often as we should.

Headleveler goes a step beyond just getting a new pillow to lay our weary heads on at bedtime… they offer custom pillows. Pillows that fit YOU perfectly.

customized pillow

It’s quick and easy to customize your pillow and shipping is quick. So you will be getting better sleep in no time. Trust me, it is a gift you didn’t know you needed.

Runes & Regulations

How about a family board game? Something a little different? Runes & Regulations is for 2-4 players ages 14 an up, so it is for teenagers and not the younger kiddos.

gift guide

We play a lot of board games so adding another one like Runes & Regulations to our arsenal for family game night is a perfect gift for us.

runes & regulations

board game

The object of the game is to collect five mythical creatures on your lawn to win. It’s a great family board game and if you or someone on your holiday shopping list love playing games, give them Runes & Regulations.

I hope I’ve inspired you with this gift guide of gifts you might not know you needed or wanted.

gift guide

I will be updating this guide over the next month to add more of my favorite things that I love and as a woman, think that you or the women in your life will love, too.