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Freebie Friday III

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: May 23, 2008 | Categories: Favorites, Freebies, Lists, Random Thoughts and Conversations

This Friday I want to do something different as far as Freebie Friday goes.  I want to give you a list of free things that I know you know about, but may have forgotten.  So here is a reminder of just a few free things:

  1. Receiving a hug from a loved one or giving a hug to a loved one.
  2. Precious memories you have of a loved one, which can never be taken away.
  3. A sunrise and a sunset – a beautiful way to start and end your day!
  4. The sound of laughter from a child.
  5. The sound of ‘I love you’ from a loved one.
  6. A good joke that makes you laugh so hard you cry.
  7. A cool breeze on a hot day.
  8. The sun warming you on a cool day.
  9. Your imagination – with it all things are possible.

I hope you enjoy your free gifts!  There’s no purchase necessary and you can share your free gifts with others.  If you have some other free gift ideas, we would love to hear them. Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy Life!!!

2 Responses to Freebie Friday III

  1. Rita,
    I couldn’t agree more! I really don’t think there is a sweeter sound on earth.

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