For all the Amazing Fathers in the World

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If you have a healthy relationship with your father then you are probably aware of the role he plays in shaping your life. A little tap on the back and a few kind words of encouragement can go a long way and fathers who care about how their kids and their well being step up time and time again to help and inspire them to go after their dreams and accomplish their goals.

There are some things that have become synonymous with fathers. Teaching their kid how to play baseball or how to drive are activities that are solely associated with fathers. Many can fondly recall their first camping trip in the supervision of their fathers or their first fishing expedition. Most of our cherished memories have dads at the center of them.

If you were lucky enough to have that support system then it is time you did something back to appreciate it. Taking your dad to see his favorite football team in action and treating him for a steak dinner would be a good way to celebrate Father’s Day.

Have any plans? We’d love to listen.

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Father’s day infographic developed by CareTeen


  1. Those are some amazing statistics! I am lucky to have a great dad, and I’m so glad my husband is an amazing dad!

  2. I’m so incredibly grateful my kids have an awesome father.

  3. It would have been nice to make my husband a father but we are the good aunt and uncle. What a great posting on a special person in each life.

  4. nice article. i never had a relationship with my father and my step-father wasn’t the best role model. i have always envied those that had this kind of relationship with theirs.

  5. I am glad my boys have a good role model to look up to.

  6. That was an interesting infographic. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dad’s are so important and I’m glad this infographic is out there to share that. So glad my husband is the most amazing father. My family is blessed by this.

  8. These are very interesting statistics. I feel very blessed to have had a father who actively parented when I was a kid. Sadly, my son’s father wasn’t around very much.

  9. Wow, that infographic is interesting…less than half the men in the US are dads?? And just over a third of dads are married? I never would have thought either.

  10. I had a wonderful dad and I miss him every day.

  11. This was interesting.. of course as a single mom I wasn’t so pleased with the numbers, but what can you do.

  12. Very interesting infographic. Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads!

  13. Love the infographic and father’s are equally as important as mother’s.

  14. Wow.. didn’t realize how many would get married as teenagers without dad!

  15. I’m sobered by those statistics. It’s sad how the nuclear family has broken down in our society. It makes me much more thankful for the dad I have and for the dad my husband is to our daughter.

  16. What wild statistics! I feel so blessed to have an amazing father and that my children have one as well.

  17. I am so glad my children have such an amazing father…..I sure hit the jackpot.

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