Five Ways To Get Your Children Interested In Science

Five Ways To Get Your Children Interested In Science

Getting your children interested in the subject of science is a great way to help them expand their minds while also giving them a jump start into discovering what they enjoy learning about and why. There are a few ways you can get your children interested in science that will not only make it enjoyable for the whole family, but it may also give your children new opportunities and ideas about their own futures.

Browse the Internet

Browsing the Internet is one way to get your children involved in science and learning more about the planet and universe altogether. Find educational sites that include colorful and interactive games while also teaching lessons related to science to get your children excited and interested in science. You can also download applications to teach your children about the constellations, the universe and various organisms found around planet Earth.

Purchase a Microscope

Purchasing a microscope is a great way to get your children interested in science, especially if they do not have any previous experience with hands-on science experiments themselves. You can find hundreds of microscopes and accessories to purchase for your household by visiting

Invest in a Telescope

Invest in a telescope to give your children a real view of the universe outside of our own planet. Allowing your children to look at other planets and distant stars is a way to boost their imagination while allowing them to explore even more of the world around them.

Find Science-Related Games

Science-related games makes learning fun for all ages. There are science-related games in the format of board games, mobile phone applications and even computer games. Installing a science computer game for your children is a way for them to have fun playing games while learning simultaneously.

Conduct Science Experiments at Home

Conduct your very own science experiments at home in the kitchen or outdoors with your children. There are plenty of kid-safe experiments available in books and also by joining online science communities for free. Whether you want to make your own at-home volcano or if you are interested in mixing various chemicals, doing so with your children is a great way to peak their fascination with science.

Getting your children actively engaged and involved with science is ideal if you are trying to get them interested in new hobbies and areas of interest. When you get your children involved with science, be prepared to be asked more questions and to ponder even more about life yourself.


  1. My niece, Kaylyn, is so facinated with rocks. She recently went to a salt mine and loved it. So she def. loves her science!!!

  2. Hubs and I like to star gaze. We usually just use binoculars though. LOL

  3. My son has always wanted a telescope and microscope, and I’m heavily considering on getting one of them sometime soon.

  4. My children loving learning science – except, they don’t even realise they are since it is so much fun! Thank goodness for the internet though – some questions they ask…!!!

  5. Great post! We also had wonderful luck taking our children to the various science museums in the area, if you’re fortunate enough to have some. 😀

  6. Those are really great ideas. My kids are 4 and 2, so we can’t get too detailed. However, my husband and I always point out cool math or science facts (that are age appropriate) whenever we can. I figure it is never to young to get them started.

  7. Awesome review!!! Thank you this will help me as well as other mothers who read this post!!! Thank you

  8. I wish this article was out when I was in school!! I HATED SCIENCE!! These are great ideas though for my son who does not like Science either.

  9. I’ll have to remember some of these for my nephew. He just started kindergarten. He seems to like science but I’ll use these just in case. 🙂

  10. These are inspirational ideas. My husband has a telescope and that has sparked an interest in astronomy in my son. He received a butterfly farm and he loved it. A microscope is a great idea for Christmas.

  11. Thanks to Sid the Science Kid, my daughter’s been interested in science since she was a toddler. She’s always been curious about the world around her as all kids are, so my husband and I try to explain as many scientific concepts to her as we can. Hopefully this will help her continue to grow in her joy of learning!

  12. I get m kids attention for science using eperiments works every time. M friend used to have science sleepovers for her kids…do all kinds of fun experiments. One of the favorites seems to be the cornstarch water one.messy but fun

  13. As a child I was always interested in science. I had a telescope and got a lot of enjoyment out of it.I also loved using my microscope.

  14. All of these ideas are great. Our homeschool curriculum for science is really hands on with lots of experiments to help keep the boys interested.

  15. I always loved science since I was a child..My Science teachers at school always made the classes so interesting and so much fun..So I have to agree..Make science fun and exciting for your children..Share in the making of their science projects and their research.. Talk about the planets and our hug galaxy.. Just a wonderland of maze….

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