Find Beauty (and Delicious Vegetables) in the Fall with the Help of Miracle-Gro

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It has been a HOT summer here in Tennessee. Miserable. Humid. I want to stay indoors in the air conditioning, kind of hot Summer. So I am starting to get excited that Fall is finally almost here.

It is so easy to Find beauty in the Fall.

One of the things I love most about Fall is Fall gardening. I usually just do container gardens on my patio. It’s easy, and provides me with fresh greens throughout the Fall. And I checked out Fall plant and feed and right now is a good time to start planning my Fall container gardens.

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Source: via Donna on Pinterest

I found this great idea on Pinterest for an easy container gardening with salad greens. Greens love cooler weather, so now is a great time to start a “salad” garden and enjoy healthy greens. It’s so simple:


  • Start off with Miracle-Gro potting mix, to give your container garden the best soil conditions that will help you grow a lush garden of salad greens.
  • Plant your favorite greens.
  • Keep soil most (not over-saturated, but moist).
  • Many greens are “cut” and come again (leave the roots and keep watering them, and you’ll get another set of greens).

I’m looking forward to salads and other recipes/uses for my greens. Especially Garlicky Greens:


Source: via Jeanne on Pinterest

I know… it sounds so delicious! You can find the recipe via the link above.

What’s your favorite Fall vegetable to grow? Do you have some Fall gardening or planting projects planned?

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  1. Miracle is truly a hug help in gardening ant type of flower or regqtbe

  2. Thanks, gives me some more ideas–I usually garden some all year long, and Mircle gro is great stuff, you should our flowers

  3. I do good with tomatoes and herbs. My lettuce always fails.

  4. I am going to “commit” myself to doing a little inside something for the fall and I know I’m going to need the Miracle Gro! LOL!

  5. I have a year round garden on my patio (Florida), and Miracle Gro is a must have when I plant.

  6. I live in an apartment right now, therefore cannot have a garden but it is a desire of mine once I have my own home. On another note, that recipe looks soooo good!

  7. I never thought to try growing in the Fall but how great would it be to have fresh homegrown salads all the time! Great ideas and thanks for sharing.

  8. My garden always dies…wish I could keep my fruits and veggies alive.

  9. I garden sounds great but only if someone else tends it for me LOL.

  10. Hrmm. .. I never have really thought of doing a garden during the fall but a great idea.

  11. Love the recipe. Oh how I wish I did not kill ever plant that I

    1. Oops. That should say every plant that I touch.

  12. This looks great. I’m starting to move my herbs into containers for the winter so I just may have to pick some of this up. Thanks for the review.

  13. I would love to grow a garden.

  14. It’s been a scorcher in Alabama too. We just removed the last of our tomatoes. Need some cool weather crops now. Maybe I’ll do the container thing.

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