The Financial Advantages and Disadvantages of Monitoring Your Employees

When it comes to home security monitoring, we can only talk about benefits. There are no setbacks to talk about, especially if you take advantage of home security systems that don’t require a credit check.  Things are quite different when it comes to employee monitoring.

financial advantages and disadvantages of monitoring employees

Employee monitoring entails keeping your eyes on your staff through modern technological equipment. The primary aim of this is to improve customer satisfaction, employee performance, as well as productivity.

While it has great financial benefits, it is not without some disadvantages.

Today, we will explore these advantages and disadvantages together.

Advantages of Employee Monitoring

Help Appraise Employee Performance

Using proper technological devices to monitor employees is beneficial to your business. Namely, it presents you a fair analysis of what your staff members have been doing in a given period of time.

On the records basis, you will be able to evaluate your employees in the best possible manner. This is helpful when it comes to offering rewards and salary increments to your employees.

Enhance Employee Productivity

When your employees know that you are monitoring them, they will improve in their working, ultimately increasing productivity. Namely, when employees are aware that their activities are being supervised, they work more efficiently and stop wasting time on immaterial issues. Then end result is increased output.

Know the Whereabouts of Employees

Sometimes, things get lost in the office. Likewise, inexplicable mishaps occur at the workplace.

To curtail such issues, you need to keep your eyes on the entire team working in your office. You need to invest in a reliable employee monitoring system in order to uphold solid control of your workplace.

Proper Administration and Management

employee monitoring advantages and disadvantages


As an employer it’s important to know what you can and can’t monitor for email, phone and social media. With a good employee monitoring system, you will be able to manage your office properly.

Everything will go according to expectations; employees will work at the right hours, and the supervising team will ensure everything runs smoothly. With proper administration, you are assured of a peaceful working environment, which translates to impressive results.

Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

Stress and Sense of Insecurity

While people normally work more efficiently under supervision, employees can also be stressed when their activities are being supervised. This also undermines their productivity.

Employees may have some sense of insecurity when they realize that they’re being monitored. This is among the biggest setbacks of employee monitoring.

Diminished Trust Level

Employee monitoring can significantly affect the trust levels, especially when your employees learn that they are being monitored without their consent. In light of this, monitoring your employees with their written consent may not have a negative impact on the trust level. Conversely, your

Conversely, your employees may get offended to the extent of quitting their job if they aren’t aware that they are under surveillance.

Very Costly

Installing a complete employee monitoring system is normally very expensive. Today, employee monitoring is largely through monitoring apps, which are very costly.

You may be tempted to go for cheaper monitoring systems. Just know that most of them don’t deliver desirable results. Conversely, high-quality and incredibly efficient systems are expensive.

Final Thoughts

Employee monitoring has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages far outweigh the setbacks. With employee monitoring, you can improve the productivity, uphold proper administrations, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, you might lose your employees’ trust. It is advisable to always keep your eyes on your employees through proper monitoring systems. This ensures a safe and peaceful working environment.