Family Fun with ProjeX

This is a sponsored post with ProjeX. All opinions regarding the family fun you can have with this projecting gaming arcade are 100% my own.

family fun

I recently received the ProjeX™ Projecting Game Arcade to try out and I admit, it is so much more fun than I thought it would be.



We are a very competitive household. I mean I love my husband and son, but when it comes to games, it’s no hold bars here. All in fun, of course.

I feel I must add that we have played every night this week and I am the undefeated champion. Just saying.

family fun

What You Get

  • A projector
  • Two blasters (one red, one blue)
  • Three target cartridges
  • Bonus sticker sheet


  1. Install three brand new, fresh “AA” alkaline batteries.
  1. Set ProjeX on a low table, with the projector aimed at the wall. The projector should be 5 feet from the wall.
  1. Slide one of the image slides into the image slot, rounded side up (if it doesn’t fit, it’s backwards).  Blue = easy, red = medium, and white = difficult
  1. Plug in both of the blasters.  Then, if you’re playing solo, unplug one.
  1. Press the red power button. You have 45 seconds to adjust the focus.
  1. Press the red button again to select game 1-5.
  1. Press the blue button to select your level – beginner, advanced, or expert.
  1. To start playing solo or head-to-head, load your blaster by sliding the button on the top. Each reload gives you 6 shots. You can reload at any time.
  1. To start a Co-Op game, where you combine your scores, both players must hold the trigger while they reload.

family fun

Turn Any Wall In (or Outside) Your Home Into a Projection Gaming Arcade

ProjeX is interactive fun for the whole family! It doesn’t matter what your age is (young and old alike), everyone will enjoy playing.

You can turn any room into an incredible gaming arcade with ProjeX by blasting moving targets that you project right onto your wall.

I love that you don’t need a TV. All you need is a blank wall, or even a garage door (if you want to play outside), grab a blaster and aim. It’s real-life gaming without the limitations of a screen.

There are five different built-in games to test your speed and skill. And three skill levels: Beginner (accommodating even the youngest players in the room), advanced, and expert.

With three interchangeable image slides, you can blast ducks, targets, or UFOs – each with its own unique sound effects! Just change slides to change your level of difficulty:

  • Blue (targets) = easy
  • Red (UFOs) = medium
  • White (ducks) = difficult

You can play solo, head-to-head, or Co-Op (where two players team up and combine scores). You can experience the excitement of a tournament – but if no one else is around, you can still have fun trying to “up” your own score! Or practice so you can one-up your future opponents. Just saying.

I like that it is a portable, battery-operated projector that you can take on the go, inside or out. Speaking of which,  you can also play outside at night, on the side of a house or on a garage door for great summer fun.

The projector has an LED scoring display and target pointers on both blasters help your aim.

I love that the blasters and cartridges all store with the projector, keeping it all together in one place.

You can find ProjeX at both Target and Walmart for $49.99 and

family fun

It’s easy to turn any room in your house into an incredible gaming arcade. The ProjeX system projects the targets onto almost any wall.  There’s no need for a TV, computer, smartphone, or other equipment. The size of your wall is essentially the limit to the size of your play area.


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If you are looking for an easy fun way of getting the family together or maybe you’re looking for a gift idea, I definitely recommend the ProjeX game system.