Duracell Quantum Batteries Provides Long Lasting Power #MC #sponsored #MyQuantumHero

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating….

Duracell Quantum Batteries

As I was changing the batteries in my flashlight the other day, I was so thankful to have the new Duracell Quantum batteries. I hate needing a flashlight, or anything that requires batteries to work, only to discover that the batteries are dead. Isn’t that the way it usually goes… just when you really need something, the batteries are dead.

Duracell’s new quantum batteries contains longer lasting power than any other battery on the market.

The Duracell Quantum is the world’s most advanced alkaline battery because:

  • The Duracell Quantum Hi-Density Core stores more power than ever before.
  • Duracell Quantum is the only battery with a power indicator on the cell.
  • PowerCheck allows consumers to see the amount of battery power remaining so that nothing is wasted.
  • Duracell DURALOCK Power Preserve technology locks in power for up to 10 years in storage.
  • Duracell Quantum can be efficiently used across both low-drain and high-drain devices.

Wow! Ten-years in storage? Now I don’t have to worry about my flashlights not working because the batteries are dead. See I have a small flashlight that stays on my nightstand next to my bed in case I woke up in the middle of the night and the power is off, as well as an identical one I keep in my purse.

Duracell Quantum Batteries #MC #myquantumhero

Even though I have my cell phone flashlight, in case I’m away from the house and in an emergency situation, my cell phone battery will die, and I could be left in the dark.

With my flashlight having the new Duracell Quantum batteries I can feel good knowing it will work when I need it.

And I love that the Duracell Quantum is being released in red rather than black to differentiate them on the store shelves. Easy to spot and grab them on the go.

I’m really happy to have been able to put the Duracell Quantum batteries in our smoke detectors… just a little more peace of mind. We can also use them in our TV remotes, with three TVs. I mean, who ever changes the TV without a remote nowadays?

This year, Duracell has donated one million batteries to first responders across the country to help them power their life-saving equipment. I can’t think a better use for batteries. Kudos to Duracell for doing this!

Duracell has also created Quantum Heroes, a documentary style video series that shines a spotlight on the incredible work of first responders and their stories of sacrifice and heroism. Check out this YouTube video below:

I really never thought about all the things first responders use AA/AAA batteries in before.

So be sure to replace your batteries in your smoke detectors, flashlights, radios, and anything that will help you in case of an emergency, so they will work for you… when YOU need them most.


  1. We always have a ton of batteries in the house, living in South Florida we get so many storms the power is constantly going out. I love Duracell the best, I find they last the longest especially in my kiddos toys.

  2. I’ve come to trust Duracell and usually pick that brand up over others. I keep them on hand too to replace batteries in smoke detectors so I don’t forget.

  3. I am so going to have to look into this, with 5 kids and Christmas coming we will go through batteries fast!

  4. You just reminded me that I was scrambling for light the last time the power went out. I really need to have a little power outage kit with flashlights and these batteries at the ready!

  5. Every year around this time, I take advantage of all the sales on batteries. I dislike getting my flash light to use only to find out that one of my children forgot to turn it off and wasted the batteries. Will be keeping my eye out for these. Thanks!

  6. I didn’t know that they donated so many batteries, that is simply amazing! Gotta love it when big companies help communities in need.

  7. This just reminded me I need get some double AAs. lol. Thanks for sharing! Love Duracell!

  8. I watched the video several times. Makes me teary-eyed!

  9. We have so many battery operated things in this house. It’s nice to know that Duracell makes longer lasting batteries so we don’t have to break the bank powering all the electronics, smoke detectors, remotes, etc.!

  10. I got these to check out, too. I like that they have the battery meter on the side so you can easily see if the batteries are good or bad.

  11. I’ve noticed that batteries slowly drain especially when you don’t use the item. We’ve encountered that a lot with our rechargeable ones too.

  12. These batteries will be on my shopping list as a must for my flashlights and other emergency related items. I had not heard of these batteries (or haven’t been paying attention to the commercials) so thank you for the review!

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