Donna Chaffins from the Oprah Biased? ABC News article – My Perspective

I received an email yesterday from an ABC reporter wanting to ask my opinion on Oprah Winfrey not inviting Sarah Palin on her show.  On Monday I did a post about Oprah's season premiere on Sept. 8, 2008 and I'm assuming in the reporter's research she happened upon my blog.  I stated in my blog that I am a fan of the Oprah Show…and I am.

So I called Emily Friedman for a phone interview.  She was very nice and to the point.  She asked her questions and I answered them.  I realize now that many people do not/will not agree with my opinion of Oprah's decision to not invite Sarah Palin to HER show.

See, Oprah is not a journalist (she began her career as co-anchor but is currently a talk show host), and it is her talk show;  She can have whomever she wishes on her show and talk about whatever topic she wishes.  If we don't like it we have the option to change the channel.  However, to me this is a moot point because Obama's appearance on the Oprah Show was in 2006 before he announced his candidacy for President.  She could have just as easily had Sarah Palin on at any given point before McCain announced her as his VP choice, but no one really heard of Palin before.

Besides, she is entitled just like everyone else to support whomever she wants for president.  Last I checked this is still a free country.  Celebrities are notorious for their backing and support of political candidates; the overwhelming majority being democrat.  It is their prerogative… just as it is yours and mine.

I have written many posts and not once before now have I written anything remotely political.  Why?  I learned a long time ago not to discuss or argue religion or politics…for one you rarely ever change anyone's mind and second – it can bring out the worst in people.

However, I am breaking my own rule to discuss, briefly, my political views.  I told ABC reporter, Friedman, that I was undecided as to who I will vote for come November.  This is only partially true.  I have been torn about who I think would make the best president.  I am a registered democrat…but would not vote strictly my party just because they are a democrat.  I have to believe in what they stand for and believe they can run our country.

Sadly, I feel that both the democratic and republican parties are more alike than different.  I believe that both parties have made promises that they won't/can't keep. 

I can say I am proud that a black man is running for president and that a woman could be our next vice-president; regardless what happens this is the most monumental and historical election ever!  I just don't believe they have our (the US citizens) best interest at heart. 

The only candidate we have that stands for the Constitution is Dr. Ron Paul.  The Constitution is what this country was founded on and I think we have lost sight of this.

Now, I have put it out there so you can see a tiny glimpse as to what my political views are and this could affect the way some people see me.  Just as it does some people's views of Oprah Winfrey.  You see I have many friends, family and acquaintances that have differing political views than mine…does this change my opinion of them?  No.  I believe that we all have our opinions and beliefs and I respect my family and friends beliefs, regardless as to how different they may be from mine.

Differences make the world go round.  Come on – how boring the world would be if we all believed, looked and behaved the same way.  And why can't we have different ideas or beliefs without being mean and nasty to those with differing ideas or beliefs than ours?  My biggest issue with this is that women are complaining saying that Oprah is a "women's show" and she being a woman herself, should want the first female VP candidate on her show. 

Because she is a WOMAN?  I strongly believe that women should not vote for Sarah Palin just because she is a woman, no matter how phenomenally proud I am of a possibility of a female VP.  Just as I strongly believe black people should not vote for Obama, strictly because he is black.  I do realize the great pride one would feel in the first ever possibility of a black president, but just as proud as I was at the prospect of the first female president in Hillary Clinton, I would not vote for her just because she is a woman.

To conclude, I feel that Oprah made a good choice in not having Palin on her show.  Since she is an avid supporter of Obama she probably wouldn't be able to give an unbiased interview to the opposing candidates. If Oprah asked a tough question of Palin, people might complain that she was "attacking" Palin and blame it on her favoring Obama.

You can check out the interview at  I also want to say that the title may be misleading…Oprah says that Palin is welcome to her show; just not until after the election. 

We would love to hear your opinion on Oprah's decision to not have Sarah Palin on her show.  Hope to hear from you.


  1. @Kelly, thank you so much for your kind words. You are the best! I debated for hours over posting this though. 🙂

  2. @Beth, Thanks! I think that is the case for most people… you either like Oprah and watch her show or you don’t. I truly don’t think it will have too much affect either way. 🙂

  3. @Jo Ann, first thank you! I read your lens and am very impressed with your research. I admit I knowing very little about Sarah Palin… and now know more. 🙂 Honestly, I’m very disenchanted with politicians as a whole.

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