DIY TShirt Headband Tutorial

orange and white finished headband

I don’t necessarily call myself a crafty person. I do enjoy DIY home projects, but arts and crafts aren’t typically my thing.

That is unless… it’s easy.

Here’s an easy DIY T-Shirt scrap headband tutorial that’s fun, and if you have girls, they can make their own. You can use any color combination you want. Since I’m a huge U.T. fan (Go Vols), I chose orange and white.


  • 3 pieces of orange t-shirt cut to approximate 2” wide & 24” long
  • 3 pieces of white t-shirt cut to approximately 2” wide & 24” long
  • Additional t-shirt scraps in smaller pieces for creating flowers
  • Needle & thread (and sewing machine if available)
  • Scissors

diy t-shirt scrap headband tutorial

Begin by tying the six full-size strips of tshirt together or sewing across the ends of all six pieces.  Separate the strips, alternating colors.

diy t-shirt headband tutorial

Begin braiding the strands together by weaving the strips from left to right.  The first strip will go over the 2nd, under the 3rd, over the 4th, under the 5th, and over the 6th as shown.  Repeat this step, working left to right until you reach the end of all of the strands.

orange and white 2 2

When you reach the end, either run the strands through the sewing machine to secure or sew with your needle and thread.  Unknot the other end, and sew the two ends together (inside out so the seam will be on the inside of the headband when worn.

orange and white 2 3

orange and white 2 4

Next, you’ll begin making the decorative flowers.  While there are several options for making easy flowers, this headband features a quick and easy option.  Begin with a strip of the tshirt in one of the two colors and fold it in half.  Prepare your needle and thread with enough thread length to gather all of the tshirt onto it.

White Strips Collage

On the folded side of the folded strip, begin gathering it onto your needle and thread.  Once you’ve reached the end and all fabric is on the thread, pull to gather the fabric as shown.

Begin coiling the fabric and tacking it together with your needle and thread until you’ve created a flower.

Making Flower

Repeat with additional sizes & colors of flowers.

Finally, attach the flowers to the braided band with your needle and thread, making sure to secure well.

orange and white finished headband 2