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Students using digital tablets in class
Students using digital tablets in class

My son understands technology more than I do, and he’s twelve. Technology is all he’s ever known. He was born in an age of high-tech and because of this kids just get it. Technology can do amazing things to help kids learn by giving them the tools to put information at their fingertips.

With the right devices, students can:

  • Read, research and take notes
  • Learn at their own pace
  • Prepare and edit assignments more efficiently
  • Communicate and collaborate on projects with ease
  • Master technology skills that prepare them for future educational endeavors and careers

kids learning using tablet / ipad with teacher

I saw how much the iPad helped my son in 6th grade this past school year. He used his iPad for research on several papers he did. He snapped pictures of the white board with his homework assignments each day. He typed up his book reports and printed them out. He even did several power point presentations throughout the year. All on his iPad.

Best Buy Education strives to bring the latest technology to classrooms, to our students, to better prepare them for the future….

Best Buy® believes every student should have access to technology. They offer a wide variety of tablets, laptops and chrome devices for classroom use, and they have partnered with schools around the country to provide technology they need to succeed.   They also offer on-site Geek Squad® training and support for students and faculty.

There dedicated Account Managers will consult with you, offer knowledgeable, unbiased advice and guide you to the product and service solutions that best meet your needs and budget. Whether you are rolling out new devices in the classroom, launching a BYOD initiative, or upgrading the technology throughout your school, they can provide the products, support and protection you need.

If you are attending ISTE Conference and Expo on June 28 – July 1, Best Buy Education will be in booth #2262.  Make sure you come by and check out the daily demonstrations being held throughout the conference. And discover how the latest technology & Best Buy can transform the classroom.


  1. I like to see companies giving back to the school system since so much of them are underfunded.

  2. My nephew is 3 1/2, and knows more about using a tablet (iPad) than I do!!! He swipes left, right, up, down, plays games where you shake the tablet in order to jump, and turn the tablet left and right in order to drive a car! Technology is unbelievable!!!

  3. technology these days can help alot for children glad to see technology being used to educate people

  4. I am slowly learning, through the help of my 3 1/2 year old nephew, how to use a tablet! I would very much like to acquire one, so that I may become more familiar with it, and be able to travel with a device larger than my phone!!! lol

  5. I am a former Special Education Teacher and having technology in the classroom was a huge help for us. Especially since most children become adept at using it at such an early age.

  6. I love when companies give back, especially to education! This is great!

  7. I love finding new ways to use tech in the classroom. There is so much room for creativity and innovations, kids come up with some of the craziest cool ideas.

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