Design of the month – Get Yer Goat

158600830v9_240x240_Front If you own goats, love goats or know someone who owns goats or loves goats… have I found the place for you!  In fact, if you’re just looking for one of a kind gifts for that hard to shop for person in your life… I have found the place for you.  It’s Get Yer Goat.

There are so many great designs at Get Yer Goat but for this month I’m going to talk about there Goat Christmas Shop.  From Get Yer Goat’s Christmas Shop,

These make great 4H gifts, Christmas ornament swaps at parties and the tags are perfect for every goat owner you know! We have just about every breed of goat featured on our goat ornaments, goat greeting cards and goat gift tags! Come and check it out!
You won’t find these at your local Christmas House!

From greeting cards, ornaments, stocking stuffers and more… you’ll be sure to find just the right gift.  And as for my favorite design – I will tell you this was very difficult for me but if I had to choose just one it’s Goat Christmas Pygmy in Tree – I love the description of this card,

Hand drawn sketch of my Tammy – inspired by a true event when she was a baby- On the ladder – hooves holding her up in the Christmas Tree trying to get the top cookie.

I hope you get a chance to check out Get Yer Goat and browse all the different sections this shop has to offer.  You’ll fall in love with these wonderful goats!

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