Design of the Month from The Chihuahua Shop

Obey The Chihuahua My son is a big animal lover.  If you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up – he will tell you, "a veterinarian."  We have two dogs, one being a mutt and the other a basset hound, which we had before my son was born.  Although he loves our dogs … he asks, well begs, for a Chihuahua.

I think it is the size of a Chihuahua that he is drawn to; he wants a small dog.  So when I came across The Chihuahua Shop my interest was piqued. 

From The Chihuahua Shop,

In The Chihuahua Lover T-shirt and Gift Shop you will find gifts and shirts for Chihuahua owners, Chihuahua Groomers, Chihuahua Walkers, Fun and festive Chihuahua lover gifts and shirts. Perfect birthday and Christmas Gifts for Chihuahua Grandparents and other people that love the small, brave and cute dog Chihuahua.

My favorite design is Obey The Chihuahua.  It fits the breed perfectly; small in size but big in attitude.  It is a great design for your Chihuahua or for yourself.  If you or someone you know loves Chihuahuas, The Chihuahua Shop is a great place to find that perfect gift.  Have fun checking out the great Chihuahua themed gifts at The Chihuahua Shop.

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