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Design of the Month From At Ease Tees

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: September 17, 2008 | Categories: TShirt Reviews

The design of the month comes from At Ease Tees.  At Ease Tees is a Christian shop where you can find T-shirts, baby clothes, posters, bumper stickers and much more conveying the Christian faith.

According to At Ease Tees, they use "grunge", cartoon, graphic only, text only, and seasonal/holiday designs to promote the gospel, share the truth about Jesus, and provide a Christian alternative to many designs that are inappropriate for Christians.

At Ease Tease is full of great designs for the whole family but since I had to choose just one design, hence design of the month, I chose Symphony of Pain.

I asked Mike, owner of At Ease Tees where he came up with the idea for Symphony of Pain, and found out this beautiful design, which is a poem, was written by a very gifted sixteen year old girl.  Which made this design even more so impressive to me.  I think this design along with many others from At Ease Tees are perfect for our youth of today.  Many teens will enjoy the Christian designs, especially the grunge look; and Symphony of Pain features just this look.

"This design shows a poem by a friend in gold text as well as a musical score in dark blue. The remaining elements are in blue, brown, and green. They reflect God's grace through the death of Jesus."

I think you will find many great designs at At Ease Tees that make great gift ideas for your family, friends and yourself.  I highly recommend you check their shop out!

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