Why a Department Store Is the Best Remedy for a Clueless Gifter

It’s still not too late to get those last-minute Christmas presents and stocking fillers. Sadly, whether it’s your first year giving out gifts or if you’re just completely stumped, it can be difficult picking out the right gifts. We’ll browse around every single store, we’ll look on the internet for hours, and we may even give subtle hints such as asking our recipient what type of food they like. For people that aren’t used to gifting, it’s an incredibly daunting time. So to make it easier on you, we’re going to list our reasons for why a department store ultimately makes the best place to visit if you’re stumped on what to gift your friends and family.

Department stores are full of wonderful products and varied choices. Whether it’s books, clothes or chocolates, you’ll find everything in a department store.

Why a department store is the best remedy for a clueless shopper

Why a Department Store Is the Best Remedy for a Clueless Gifter

They’re treasure troves of gift ideas

One of the best things about department stores is just how big they are. Some of them can span several floors inside a single mall and others will have a gigantic building just to themselves.

Because there’s so much space, department stores get their names from the variety of products they have on offer. One floor might be entirely clothing related while another place could focus on games, DVDs, and movies. In short, you can think of it as a bespoke and customised mall.

There’s something for everyone under the roof of a department store, and you’re bound to find something in these treasure troves. Just take a walk around all the different floors, do a lap or two around each level to see all of the things on sale that could turn into a gift idea.

There are always sales going on

Whether it’s discounts in store or online promotions, there’s a good chance you’ll run into some kind of sale when you’re at the department store. Even if you don’t have a discount voucher or anything physical, there’s a high chance that you’ll get a discount by just walking into a high-end department store.

There are always staff around during the festive season that are more than happy to tell you about their latest deals, so you’ll never miss out on fantastic prices when you visit a department store.

Thanks to these sales, Christmas presents are more affordable, and you’re more likely to walk out of a department store with several gifts in your bags, ready to be packed and placed under a Christmas tree. Alternatively, why not visit an online site such as  Don’t Pay Full for a Kohl’s coupon that will shave off a significant chunk off your bill.

There are plenty of online deals and coupons to be found, and it could be the difference between getting an extravagant gift and a simple one.

It’s a fantastic social outing

Let’s not forget that heading out to a department store can be a great social outing with your friends and family members. In fact, this could be a really sneaky way of finding out what your recipients want.

Of course, you’ll both need to be avid shoppers to make it seem natural. If you’re stumped for present ideas, then invite friends and family to go shopping with you. Whether you ask them for advice or secretly try to get them to reveal what they want, it’s a lot of fun, and it will make the task of picking a mystery gift easier.

Clothes make a fantastic gift for loved ones assuming you know your recipient’s size or measurements! (Image Credit)

Christmas celebrations are always lively and inspiring

If you’re stumped for ideas, then a trip to a department store can liven up your mood and give you lots of unique ideas to ponder on. Department stores love to place Christmas decorations around, and they’re more than happy to showcase gift ideas because they know that customers will visit their stores to look for presents.

The items you see on sale will probably all make fantastic gifts, and there will be lots of banners and posters advertising all sorts of gift ideas. Be it stocking fillers or special personalized gifts, make use of these festive decorations and use them to help you pick the ultimate Christmas present for your loved ones and friends.

Why a department store is the best remedy for a clueless gifter

The customer service is absolutely fantastic

Of course, we also can’t forget about the fantastic customer service at these department stores. You could literally tell an assistant that you’re looking for a present for your partner, family or friends and they’ll help you out from start to finish.

They’ll recommend products to you, they’ll direct you to the right floors for gifts, and they can even help you personalize the gift with engravings, messages or special Christmas cards. The employees in department stores can even help you find the perfect wrapping paper for your gift and also gift-wrap it for you, so it’s in perfect condition for when you hand it to your recipient.

There’s no doubt that department stores are the absolute best when it comes to customer service over the Christmas holidays. They won’t rush you out of the store, they’re not going to be rude, and their positive festive attitude will lift your spirits as well.

Some final words

For the ultimate one-stop gift store, look no further than a department store. Although the prices might be a little on the expensive side, you can always find deals, and you might even be lucky enough to get coupons from online websites and offers.

However, the added price is worth the fantastic customer service you get and the brilliant selection of gift ideas that are on offer. Remember that a department store will have everything from clothes to food, so you’re never going to run out of ideas by just looking around.

Don’t want to be stumped this Christmas with gift ideas? Then pay a visit to your local department store!