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Dear Prudence Starring Jane Seymour…Prudenceonline.com

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: August 23, 2008 | Categories: Entertainment, TV

You can watch Jane Seymour as Dear Prudence in the new Hallmark Channel movie airing tonight on the Hallmark Channel, at 9 p.m. EST.

Seymour, 57, was last seen on Dancing with the Stars, and will always be remembered for her starring role in the series 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman'.

The cool thing about the movie Dear Prudence is that the Hallmark Channel's website has a Prudenceonline.com show page.  There is Pru's Blog and  Pru's Pointers, plus much more.

In 'Dear Prudence', Seymour stars as Prudence McCoy, a humorous, Martha Stewart-like TV personality, well known for her Heloise type tips, pointers and home remedies for a variety of life's little problems.

Prudence goes on vacation where a murder takes place and Prudence plays detective.

If you love Jane Seymour or looking for something different to watch tonight, tune in to the Hallmark Channel tonight, August 23, 2008, at 9 p.m. and see if Prudence solves the mystery.  And be sure to check out Prudenceonline.com.

9 Responses to Dear Prudence Starring Jane Seymour…Prudenceonline.com

  1. jane says:

    Saw the show. Thought it was too much like Murder She Wrote. She’s no Angela Lansbury. Prudence looks for the mystery, whereas Lansbury enjoyed her time and wasn’t always focused on the case.

    I do like that she is trim, great inspiring message for ‘older women.’

  2. @Jane, you are right… no one could be Angela Lansbury! I’m a fan of Jane Seymour though, so thought it was pretty good. I like the website a lot.

  3. Carol Evans says:

    This would make a fantastic series — keep up the great work. Good TV is very hard to find outside of the Hallmark channel!

  4. Jan Miedecke says:

    I just watched the movie with Jane Seymour. I thought it was funny, mysterious and quite good. I think it should be a series for television. There are not enough great shows to watch.I hate it when someone states Older Women. Jane is 57, not over the hill yet cookie. I loved Nigel. He is so cute and quite funny also. Lets say Good for you Jane it was wonderful. I would watch anything else you do also.

  5. Jan Ford says:

    Enjoyed the Hallmark movie!

    Hope this is turned into a weekly series TV show.

  6. zelda Phillips says:

    Loved all the tips she gave through out the movie. Do they really work? Enjoyed the movie even if it was predictable. I’m a sucker for the Hallmark Channel.

  7. Yanka Castro says:

    Espectacular actuación de Jane Seymour me encanto y la pelicula es genial

  8. kathleen says:

    loved the show would like to see it become a series

  9. june says:

    I just watched my taping of this show and LOVED it. Will there ever be more of Prudence???

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