Cosmetic Cowboys: How To Avoid The Dark Side Of Cosmetic Dermatology

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Cosmetic procedures can help us look and feel our very best, but sometimes, the results are not what we expect. A growing fear of “cosmetic cowboys” is emerging, as these rogue doctors put patients at risk with lax procedures and undesired results. These fears are resulting in the investigation of private practices, and as the demand for cosmetic procedures grows, it is more important than ever to visit a trusted, reputable doctor. From complications during the procedure to troublesome consequences after the procedure, check out these examples of work done by cosmetic cowboys, and take a peek at the dark side of cosmetic dermatology.

1. Duck lips

A common problem in regards to cosmetic surgery is duck lips. In the attempt to obtain kissable, plump lips, some women undergo lip augmentation or get lip fillers. However, sometimes, the results are less than perfect. Too much filler on your lips results in a puckered appearance that can cause devastating effects on your self-esteem. To avoid this common filler mishap, make sure you visit a reputable doctor.

2. Bad scarring

Scarring is an unfortunate side effect of cosmetic surgery, but did you know that minimally invasive procedures like Botox injections and chemical peels can leave their mark on your skin. The degree of scarring depends on each person, however, not a doctor’s skill level. Scarring can range from minor discoloration to major gashes.

3. The tomato face

Chemical peels can leave your skin smooth and bright. However, a possible side effect of this procedure is severe redness. Since chemical peels use tough chemicals, your skin can become irritated easily, leaving it red and inflamed for weeks or even months after the procedure.

4. Increased cancer risk

One must suffer for beauty, but is beauty worth developing cancer? Well, some procedures involve the use of synthetic ingredients, which are injected into the body, thus increasing your cancer risk. The FDA has currently identified numerous cases of cancer that were caused by synthetic fillers, so it’s best to research the type of filler you’re getting before submitting yourself to a procedure.

5. Risk of HIV

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure in a medical office that doesn’t take necessary precautions to sterilize their instruments puts you at risk of contracting HIV. To prevent catching this disease, always ensure that the medical clinic takes the time to sterilize their tools.

6. Medical error

Although doctors are responsible, smart and capable individuals, they are still human, meaning they aren’t perfect and can make mistakes. Medical error is the number one cause of a less-than-perfect result, so it’s important to check whether your plastic surgeon is verified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
Cosmetic dermatology can be your best friend or your worst enemy. That’s why it’s important to select a doctor that is certified, and always know your risk factors before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, even if it’s as minor as Botox.

Peter Wendt is an avid researcher and writer from Florida. He is intrigued by society’s ideal of beauty and its resulting obsession with cosmetic dermatology, and has written many articles on the subject. If you live in Palm Beach County, he highly recommends this dermatologist in Palm Beach FL


  1. This is scary. My friend’s husband is a dermatologist but he doesn’t do anything cosmetic.

  2. I am a complete chicken and do not have needles or surgeries. I do not foresee having any kind of ‘cosmetic’ job. I am and look what I am and I am happy with myself. (except for being a chicken about a lot of other stuff)

  3. that is some crazy stuff to deal with just for “beauty”

  4. I have seen a woman end up in ICU all because of vanity. So sad.

  5. i for one want implants but nothing more and def nothing on with face!! i know many are aware of these facts but often forget!!! but the last 2 can happen to anyone at any medical office not just cosmetic surgery!! i have heard of many dentist using the same needles without sterlizing there was a nig case in CNN the not to long ago!!!

  6. Wow! As bad as I would want a few surgical enhancements, it’s stories like these that keep me from making the plunge.

  7. Honestly, it would take a lot for me to let anyone touch my face or even my body. I can’t imagine putting that much control in someone else’s hands.

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