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Clipix: Organization Made Easy

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: February 17, 2012 | Categories: Reviews, Social Media, Web Sites

I recently discovered a new site, clipix, that I can already tell is going to help make my life easier. See, I bookmark everything. I mean everything. Then I forget about it or have to go through tons of saved sites to hunt for what I'm looking for.

This is why I love Clipix — it's a visual way to organize your bookmarks. If you're anything like me (and I believe more and more people that use the Internet on a regular basis, are), the visual aspect is important to me.

What exactly is Clipix?

It's a free site that allows you  to save things you find online that you want to come back to, saved in a nice organized and easy to find way.

How does Clipix work?

It is so easy! Just open a personal account – you can sign up using your Twitter or Facebook account , or by email. Next, drag the "Clip" button to your toolbar. Then, clip away. Told you it was easy!

Another thing I really like about Clipix is the Syncboards. You can collaborate with family and friends and share boards in real-time. How awesome is that?!?!

Check out this video to see Clipix for yourself:

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. I've just started playing with it, so I'm sure over the next couple of days I'll be adding more boards and "clipping" tons more things. Here's a quick look at what my boards are looking like:

Oh, I just thought of another board I need to create. So while I'm finding more things to "clip", I'd love to hear in what ways you think Clipix could help you stay organized?

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7 Responses to Clipix: Organization Made Easy

  1. Penelope says:

    I love sites like this, I love to sort out my favorite online things!

  2. Oh yay! Another bookmarking site!

  3. Tammy says:

    Sites like these are great for keeping up with your online favs.

  4. Amy says:

    Cool, similar to pinterst. I’m so visual.

  5. Oh – I can’t wait to check this out!

  6. Steven Manson says:

    I like turtles and this is pretty cool.

  7. Karen says:

    That’s pretty cool!

  8. Laurie says:

    What a great idea.

  9. jennifer says:

    what a great site!

  10. Lolo says:

    So excited about another fun bookmarking site!

  11. courtney says:

    Ooh thanks for sharing!

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