Carrie Diaries Jackson Pollock Inspired DIY Splatter Bag

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Carrie Diaries Jackson Pollock inspired DIY Splatter Bag

Since my pregnancy belly started showing, I have not been interest in shopping for clothes as much as usual. Instead, I have been focusing on accessories. After all, I can always re-wear accessories after the baby is born.

My interest in splatter bags started months ago when I first saw The Carrie Diaries. In the show, Carrie salvages her mom’s bag that was ruined by a mishap with the nail polish bottle using this splatter design inspired by Jackson Pollock.

Since I recently did a splatter painting that was inspired by Jackson Pollock, I decided to use the paint I already had to make this bag. I have several small cans with out much use besides craft project. Carrie in The Carrie Diaries used nail polish, but paint is a much better choice as it stands out more and is much more durable.

Carrie Diaries Jackson Pollock Inspired DIY Splatter Bag

All you will need to complete this do it yourself project is several buckets of paint, paint brushes for each color of paint, a large drop cloth, and a bag to splatter the paint on. I found this black bag slightly mangled at Good Will for $3.00.  You can find this type of bags at your local thrift store, Forever 21, or T.J. Maxx. Check out sale sections during the spring, as you will likely find that many black handbags are on sale.

Channel your inner fashionista by creating this splatter bag. It was a very fun Do It Yourself project that got a little messy, but sometimes it is fun to get messy. Use the splatter bag to spice up your casual outfit or take a hot dinner outfit to the next level. I wore this outfit to work last week, but could have easily worn it to dinner with my girl friends or my hubby. The bag gives some color and interest to my little black pregnancy dress.

For a full tutorial, visit April Golightly. And, be sure to check out her other great crafts on April Golightly’s Do It Yourself Page.


  1. Okay, so that is super cute and a really fun project to do with the girls. Thanks!

  2. This is the cutest purse. I need to try this myself.

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