Career Options for Stay at Home Moms

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Women have more options than ever available to them. Many will choose to fulfill the traditional motherhood role, and others will choose to pursue a career. Some women try and manage both. The recent boom in Internet technology has made different types of freelancing careers more viable. This has afforded unique opportunities for stay at home moms to build careers without sacrificing any other obligations.

This article will detail a few areas for stay at home moms to make a living.

Working At home

Thanks to technology women can now maintain their current position at home. Email, the internet, Skype and other forms of online communication allow a woman to be connected to the office while at home. 30 years ago this would have been impossible but if a woman is cc’d on all the emails she can be kept in the loop. While it isn’t like being in the office full-time, she is able to make a meaningful contribution from home.

What that contribution is depends on the position. For something like LVN jobs, it might mean advising on what to do with a patient. Given she is working from home, no reason why if a person is involved with LVN jobs Los Angeles that she couldn’t do that from a different state or even a different country. This could also be the case with something such as an accountant. While she may work in London, there is no reason why she couldn’t contribute remotely from a different country.

Then there are a number of other things that a woman can do from home that allow her to earn money.


The explosion of social networking has made it much easier for the general public to break into blogging. The number of women entering into this activity has also grown immensely. Of course, any material can be the subject of a blog, but the women who are inclined to crafting, cooking, and photography-skills that often come natural to mothers- can enjoy a wide audience through their unique content. With advertising, the blog itself can be monetized and run like a business.

In addition, the blog can be a vehicle through which a different product or service is advertised. For example, a stay at home mom might write a post about a craft item and how to make one. Thereafter, she may offer her services for others who do not have the desire or skill to create.

Freelance Writing

Taking care of children leaves little room for regular hour shift work. This is true even if you try to take a job online. Freelance writing offers a happy medium that allows for more work to equal more pay while retaining the flexibility needed to take care of children. Careers in freelance writing can come in many different forms. The stay at home mom might sign up for a site that allows her to pick up different assignments for pay. She may also choose to market and run a small business that caters to a special area.

Either way, if she decides freelance writing at any given time is not amenable to her lifestyle as a mother, she can take a break without repercussion.

Online Tutoring

This career path is often more catered to women who are college educated. Stay at home moms without degrees will find it difficult to get hired by an online tutoring service. The benefit of working in a tutoring career is the flexibility. Many services allow workers to sign up and take shifts at convenient hours.

Workers can also usually hop onto the network and handle the backlog of clients waiting for help. Tutoring is especially attractive if the stay at home mom has a degree in math or science. These subjects are often in very high demand.

There are many careers online that the stay at home mom can pursue if she is creative and tenacious. It can take some more work to get started in these areas, but the payoff and flexibility are well worth the effort.


  1. Blogging has become a much needed outlet and an extra money maker for me. I love it!!

  2. And that’s why I’m so thankful to be a professional blogger! You too I’m sure. 🙂

  3. with an increase cost of traveling, it would be great if more companies allowed for telecommuting.

  4. Great post. There are so many options for moms to make a little extra money from home.

  5. I never thought I could work from home but with blogging and freelancing, I’m helping with our household costs and can be a SAHM.

  6. Blogging has been awesome for us, and I think there is something out there for everyone.

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