The Cancer Fight – Strength in Numbers

Chances are pretty good that you have been affected by cancer, either you, yourself or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer. I’ve been touched by cancer and know how devastating it can be. I am thankful to organizations like today’s sponsor, SAP through SwayyEm, for helping fight cancer.

Cancer fight with SAP & ASCO #cancermoonshot

On October 30, 2015, I lost my baby brother to cancer. He fought the battle for several years after being diagnosed with renal cancer, also known as kidney cancer. My brother was only 48 when he died. When he found out he had kidney cancer, they removed the one kidney that they found cancer in but couldn’t get all of it and it eventually spread to his lungs and finally his brain.

The Cancer Fight

My hope is that one day, not only will all cancers be cured but this disease will be prevented. It would be wonderful if no one was ever affected by the dreaded “C” word ever again.

I’m optimistic. Now with SAP and ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) joining forces to fight cancer, I’m even more optimistic. Will I see cancer cures and preventions in my lifetime… maybe. But I hope that my son and future grandchildren are never affected by cancer. Who knows, maybe one day the word will be obsolete. 

How does the SAP & ASCO Collaboration Work?

They will be working together to change the course of cancer by combining the deep cancer expertise from ASCO with the strength of SAP software and technical insights.

Together, they’ve developed the CancerLinQ platform, a health information technology (HIT) platform that aggregates and analyzes a rapidly growing store of patient data to uncover insights and trends, and to benchmark physicians’ care against recommended guidelines and measures.

CancerLinQ is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and it is a movement by oncologists, for oncologists. They are the only resource providing ASCO services, which are vital to everyone, from patients and providers to advocacy groups and technology companies. CancerLinQ convenes professional societies, creating a coalition of support with key people and partners in the cancer community.

With 1.7 million people being diagnosed yearly with cancer in the United States and only 3% enrolling in clinical trials, they need insight into the other 97% receiving cancer care. Remember, there is strength in numbers. CancerLinQ™ will let them learn from the other 97%. How? By sharing clinical data on a global scale.

Although I may have lost my brother to cancer, there’s hope in the cancer fight, thanks to SAP and ASCO.

To learn more about the SAP & ASCO fight against cancer, go HERE.