Calling All Cat Owners: Cat Must Have Gift Ideas #BBNshops

We have talked about getting a cat several times over the years. My husband always had a cat when he was growing up, but I’ve never had a cat. Ever. Not sure why, but I just haven’t. I am a huge dog person, though.

Our son has asked recently for a kitten… but having two dogs right now, I’m not sure if it’s something I’m up for.

I do have a lot of family and friends that are cat owners, well, that’s probably not the correct terminology, since I think they are owned by their cats from what I can tell. Cats are an intriguing species to me, for sure.

If you do have a kitty (or two, or three…) check out these Cat must-haves:

Cat Must Have Gift Ideas


  1. Attack Cat SignCould be a joke, or could be the truth. Ever had your ankles scratched from under the sofa? Still a great sign you can order now and pick up at Petsmart.
  2. Motorized Cat Mobile ToyKeep your cat engaged anywhere you can find a door. Get some exercise for that indoor cat with Pioneer Pet Tiger Toy from Kohl’s.
  3. Paw Cleaning Litter MatClean the Litter off those paws as they step out of the litter box. Order it from Wayfair.
  4. Pounce ToyNatural Bamboo and canvas, natural and durable for lots of fun by Ore Originals from Nordstrom.
  5. Cat Paw Litter ScoopIf you must have that scoop hanging around, then at least make a statement! It’s an Ore Originals paw from Nordstrom.
  6. Catnip ShakerWow, a shaker of catnip! Sprinkle it on those special places, like scratching posts, or perches for a special treat. Buy this organic catnip at Abe’s Market.
  7. The Cat Whisperer BookSecrets on how to talk to your cat, if your cat is willing to listen, right? Give it a go – you never know. Find it at Petsmart.
  8. Heated Window Sill BedThe perfect window perch for your indoor cat and heated for the winter. Order it from Wayfair and have a happy cat!
  9. Kitty CaveEasy to clean, more colors available, cat bed and a little cat cave, all in one. Find it at Kohl’s.
  10. 1000 Piece Cat PuzzleDoes your cat sit on your work? Let them walk across this puzzle filled with cats. Pick this up for yourself or the cat lover in your life from Get Organized.
  11. Yoga Cats 18 month Wall CalendarReally, cats in asana poses? Up Cat, Down Cat, and mostly Corpse pose, right? World Market carries this great calendar you can use right away.
  12. Cat ShelfWall Art that doubles as shelves! Wayfair carries this fun series of cat perches.

Which cat gift(s) would you like to give or receive?


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  1. You have shared alot of neat cat gift ideas. Thank you for sharing. We have three cats at our house

  2. We don’t have a cat but i’m sure our dog would even like some of these. The cat mobile would probably entertain her for hours!

  3. Yoga Cats 18 month Wall Calendar?! that sounds soo funny!
    love it

  4. Love all of these items for the kitty cats! Mine would def enjoy 🙂
    I’m not a crazy cat lady I swear!!

  5. I think I’m going to have to get that cat pounce toy for my daughter’s cat!

  6. Cat yoga sounds interesting

  7. Attack Cat Sign could be a great decoration to keep kids off my property.

  8. I love doing jigsaw puzzles so I’d really enjoy the 1000 Piece Cat Puzzle!

  9. The Yoga Cats is cracking me up! I grew up with dogs, but the second my parents had an empty nest they filled it with cats.

  10. my 4 cat’s are board lately need some thing fun for them.

  11. Our cat Bob (Marley) had a difficult time with our kids in his younger years, so he went to go live with my parents. He is so very happy there and I would like to give him a small holiday gift to show him we still love him too!

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